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QUIZ: Can you name the Verbose Beatles Song Titles?

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Forced Order
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Verbose TitleActual Title
Every Ounce of My Passionate Feelings Towards You
Horribly Camouflaged Underwater Submersible
Wish I Could Intertwine My Fingers With You Fingers
A Freshly Fired Handheld Weapon Makes Me Smile
A Vegetable Made From A Very Fragile Material
Three More Days Than Your Typical Scheduled Work Week
You Don't Need Money, Fame, Fortune, Cars, Jewelry, Credit Cards, Gold, Diamonds, etc...
A Solid Sun Laden Late Evening
A Dark Colored Winged Feathered Creature
Psst. Hey I Have Something to Tell You But You Can't Tell Anyone Else, If You Are Interested?
He's Got Something to Hide, He's Got Something to Hide, She's Got Something to Hide, You've Got Something to Hide. But Me and Coco Have Nothing!
Repairing That Part of the Roof That Let's The Rain In
Vampires Beware! Your Death Is Approaching in the Form of an Excessively Hot Ball of Fire!!
Verbose TitleActual Title
I am the Fat Tusked Mammal
_ _ _ _ GaGa and Her Truth or Dare Predecessor, Possibly Her Inspiration
A Female Cartoon Character From 'Peanuts' in the Earth's Atmosphere Without Spades or Clubs or Hearts
Saltwater Tentacled Creatures Flower Patch
The Street That Is Located Approximately Nine Cents Down From Dime Avenue
The Opposite of the Absence of A Thing
One of the Least Liked People/Occupations on Earth in Regards to Taking Twenty Percent of Peoples Paychecks
That Road Which is Full of Twists and Turns Which Is Very Lengthy
Not Now But Maybe Eleven Years After My Fifty Third Birthday
At the Same Time As My Six-Stringed Instrument Very Softy Sheds Tears
Not Today or Tomorrow, But The Day Prior to Today.
A Child's Answer to His Parent Asking Them 'Why?'

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