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Forced Order
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What shape is Harry's scar?
Who attempted to kill Harry when he was a baby?
What is the name of the school Harry goes to?
Who does Harry have a crush on before he falls for Ginny?
What spell is used to kill?
Which Weasley brother abandons the family to work for the Ministry of Magic?
What position did Harry play on the Quidditch team?
Who does Harry end up marrying?
What is Voldemorts' snakes name?
How many unforgivable curses are there?
What do wizards call non-magical folk?
What do the students at Hogwarts call Luna Lovegood?
What are Voldemort's followers known as?
Who is headmaster of Hogwarts for the majority of Harry's school years?
Which type of animal can Harry talk to?
How many houses is Hogwarts divided into?
Who takes Hermione to the Yule ball?
Who kills Dumbledore?
Which student dies during the Triwizard tournament?
What is Tonks' first name?
What is Ron's rat's name?
What is Hermione's cat's name?
How many Horcruxes are there?
What was Voldemort's name when he was a kid?
Who is the Half Blood Prince?
What is the wand called that Voldemort seeks to use against Harry?
What is the name of the wizarding bank which is run by goblins?
What is the name of the forest around Hogwarts school?
Which spell is used to repel Dementors?
What is the name of the mirror that shows whoever looks into it what they desire most?
Who sent Neville Longbottoms' parents to St. Mungos hospital?
What is Luna Lovegoods' father's first name?
Which house elf ends up dying while helphing Harry escape the Malfoy Manor?
Which house elf resides at 12 Grimmauld Place?
Which teacher gave Voldemort information about Horcruxes?
What is the name of the group of student's that get together to learn Defense Against the Dark Arts from Harry when the Ministry decide's that class is not necessary?
Which Horcrux was unknowingly destroyed first by Harry?
What offensive word is used to describe someone who has non magical parents?
Which dragon does Harry have to face in the Triwizard Tournament?
Which spell, used to disarm opponents, do the Death Eaters know as Harry's signature move?

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