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CharactersShowYears On Air
Principal Musso, Mikey Randall1990-93
Philip Drummond, Edna Garrett1978-86
Bobby Briggs, Shelly Johnson1990-91
Margaret Houlihan, Father Mulcahy1972-83
Graham Chase, Rayanne Graff1994-95
Douglas Brackman, Victor Sifuentes1986-94
Jessica Tate, Burt Campbell1977-81
Number 61968-69
Zander, Willow1997-2003
CharactersShowYears On Air
Mayor Quimby, Principal Skinner1989-
Maggie O'Connell, Holling Vincouer1990-95
Walter Skinner, Alex Krycek1993-2002
Sookie St. James, Luke Danes2000-2007
Matt Saracen, Lyla Garrity2006-
McNulty, Avon Barksdale2002-08
Hank Kingsley, Artie1992-98
Duncan Kane, Logan Echolls2004-07

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