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Can you name the most-used emotes in Cray's channel? Includes BTTV and FFZ emotes.

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Number of UsesTwitch EmoteEmote Source
1022034Twitch Global Emote
977245Cray Emote
925072Cray Emote
757774Twitch Global Emote
487295Twitch Global Emote
481411Twitch Global Emote
260018Cray Emote
237286Twitch Global Emote
233842FFZ Emote
229855BTTV Emote
218247Twitch Global Emote
206051Cray Emote
204065BTTV Emote
181687Cray Emote
173065Cray Emote
169118Cray Emote
159835Cray Emote
157110Cray Emote
156975BTTV Emote
149268BTTV Emote
145703Twitch Global Emote
144702BTTV Emote
129165BTTV Emote
126892Twitch Global Emote
124585FFZ Emote
122112BTTV Emote
117041Twitch Global Emote
115632FFZ Emote
113453FFZ Emote
107394Twitch Global Emote
105618BTTV Emote
105459FFZ Emote
97273BTTV Emote
90721Cray Emote
87459Twitch Global Emote
82946Cray Emote
82373Twitch Global Emote
76660FFZ Emote
75586BTTV Emote
74379Twitch Global Emote
72184BTTV Emote
71343BTTV Emote
71285Cray Emote
62723BTTV Emote
60719Twitch Global Emote
55215Twitch Global Emote
51596Cray Emote
48102Twitch Global Emote
47964Twitch Global Emote
47862Twitch Global Emote
Number of UsesTwitch EmoteEmote Source
46418Cray Emote
46084Twitch Global Emote
45519FFZ Emote
44557Twitch Global Emote
44419Twitch Global Emote
43863Cray Emote
43447Twitch Global Emote
43171Twitch Global Emote
42747Twitch Global Emote
42642Cray Emote
42498Cray Emote
42473Global Emote
41342Cray Emote
41251BTTV Emote
39854FFZ Emote
39585Cray Emote
37624BTTV Emote
37208Twitch Global Emote
37133Cray Emote
37056FFZ Emote
36682BTTV Emote
35491BTTV Emote
35051Cray Emote
34109Twitch Global Emote
34022Twitch Global Emote
33887Cray Emote
33624Cray Emote
32711BTTV Emote
30736Twitch Global Emote
30176BTTV Emote
28927BTTV Emote
28661Twitch Global Emote
28628BTTV Emote
28523Twitch Global Emote
28474Twitch Global Emote
28024Twitch Global Emote
27292Twitch Global Emote
26831BTTV Emote
26613Cray Emote
25935Twitch Global Emote
25902BTTV Emote
25383Cray Emote
25075BTTV Emote
24187Cray Emote
23684Twitch Global Emote
23623Cray Emote
23549Twitch Global Emote
23359Twitch Global Emote
23123BTTV Emote
22978Twitch Global Emote
Number of UsesTwitch EmoteEmote Source
22864BTTV Emote
22784Cray Emote
22491Cray Emote
22264BTTV Emote
21907Cray Emote
21818Cray Emote
20871Twitch Global Emote
20805Twitch Global Emote
19854Cray Emote
19798Twitch Global Emote
19123BTTV Emote
18229Twitch Global Emote
18018Twitch Global Emote
17500BTTV Emote
17341Cray Emote
17242Fresh Emote
16912Twitch Global Emote
16740FFZ Emote
16404BTTV Emote
16295Twitch Global Emote
16181Cray Emote
15978BTTV Emote
15589Twitch Global Emote
15450BTTV Emote
15232Twitch Global Emote
15137BTTV Emote
14471Twitch Global Emote
14370Cray Emote
14108Twitch Global Emote
13984Bazza Emote
13844Twitch Global Emote
13763Cray Emote
13693FFZ Emote
13380Cray Emote
13350Twitch Global Emote
13314Twitch Global Emote
13187FFZ Emote
13116BTTV Emote
13094FFZ Emote
13013Twitch Global Emote
12793BTTV Emote
12734FFZ Emote
11587Twitch Global Emote
11439Twitch Global Emote
11431BTTV Emote
11289BTTV Emote
11056Twitch Global Emote
10831BTTV Emote
10466BTTV Emote
10439FFZ Emote

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