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Can you name Fallout 4 Places, People, and Resources?

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HintAnswerTheme (Place, resource etc.)
The leader of the InstitutePerson
A rare resource that is found in wonderglue and duct tape Resource
The vault that is still occupied by vault dwellersPlace
A synth companion in the main story who is found in vault 114Person
The largest settlement in Fallout 4, 'the great green jewel'Place
A rare resource that is used in generator's and wire. Can be found in almost any technology, including phones, lamps and bulbs.Resource
The reporter for the Diamond City news, can become a companionPerson
The first weapon you find in vault 111. Described as 'small, reliable, and wildly available.'Weapon
The location where Preston Garvey and the minutemen are trapped by raidersPlace
How do you get up to the Brotherhood of Steel's blimp?Transport

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