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Test your knowledge of all things Duke, the King of Tobacco Road.

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This team plays at Jack Coombs Field
Where Duke Football plays their home games
Sports Teams Nickname
State that Duke is located in
Number of Varsity Sports at Duke
Who is Duke's Director of Strength and Conditioning
Women's Basketball Coach
Men's Lacrosse Coach
Sports Conference Duke plays in
Women's Lacrosse Coach
# of consecutive seasons that Duke has made the Final Four in Men's lacrosse
Record # of 30-win seasons for Coach K
Men's Basketball Coach
Where Duke Basketball plays their home games
Football Coach
Number of times Duke has won national championship in men's basketball
Duke University President
Who is Duke's Athletic Director
NCAA all-time leading scorer in men's lacrosse
Number of National Championships won by Duke
Wins Coach K has (prior to 2014-15 season)
What is the name of Duke's engineering school
Capacity of Duke's basketball stadium
City that Duke is located in
# of national championships Duke has won in men's lacrosse

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