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Can you name the Skylanders Trap Team Villains Trivia?

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Forced Order
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Captured at Soda Springs-Life
Captured at Soda Springs-Water
Captured at Know-It-All Island-Earth
Captured at Know-It-All Island-Air
Captured at Know-It-All Island-Water
Captured at Chompy Mountain-Tech
Captured at Chompy Mountain-Life
Captured at Chompy Mountain-Life
Captured at Pheonix Psanctuary-Texch
Captured at Pheonix Psanctuary-Water
Captured at Pheonix Psanctuary-Life
Captured at Chef Zepplin-Magic
Captured at Chef Zepplin-Fire
Captured at Rainfish Rivera-Tech
Captured at Rainfish Rivera-Undead
Captured at Rainfish Rivera-Water
Captured at Monster Marsh-Earth
Captured at Monster Marsh-Dark
Captured at Monster Marsh-Light
Captured at Telescope Towers-Undead
Captured at Telescope Towers-Magic
Captured at Telescope Towers-Air
Captured at Mystic Mill-Life
Captured at Mystic Mill-Air
Captured at Secret Sewers...-Magic
Captured at Secret Sewers...-Dark
Captured at Wilikin Workshop-Fire
Captured at Wilikin Workshop-Tech
Captured at Time Town-Water
Captured at The Future of Skylands-Light
Captured at The Future of Skylands-Und...
Captured at Operation:Troll Rocket-Fire
Captured at Operation:Troll Rocket-Water
Captured at Skyhighlands-Dark
Captured at The Golden Desert-Undead
Captured at The Golden Desert-Earth
Captured at Lair of the Golden Queen-Air
Captured at Lair of the Golden...-Earth
Captured at The Ultimate Weapon-Fire
Captured at The Ultimate Weapon-****
Captured at MIdnight Museum-Dark
Captured at Sunscraper Spire-Light
Captured at Nightmare Express-Light
Captured at Nightmare Express-Tech
Captured at Mirror of Mystery-Life
Captured at Mirror of Mystery-Tech
Quest at Know-It-All Island-Water
Quest at Know-It-All Island-Water
Quest at Chompy Mountain-Life
Quest at Chompy Mountain-Tech
Quest at Chompy Mountain-Water
Quest at Phoenix Psanctuary-Air
Quest at Phoenix Psanctuary-Earth
Quest at Phoenix Psanctuary-Life
Quest at Chef Zepplin-Life
Quest at Chef Zepplin-Life
Quest at Rainfish Rivera-Light
Quest at Rainfish Rivera-Tech
Quest at Rainfish Rivera-Fire
Quest at Monster Marsh-Dark
Quest at Monster Marsh-Dark
Quest at Telescope Towers-Water
Quest at Telescope Towers-Undead
Quest at Mystic Mill-Magic
Quest at Mystic Mill-Tech
Quest at Secret Sewers of Supreme-Earth
Quest at Secret sewers of Supreme-Magic
Quest at Wilikin Workshop-Life
Quest at Wilikin Workshop-Air
Quest at Wilikin Workshop-Fire
Quest at Time Town-Tech
Quest at Time Town-Water
Quest at The Future of Skylands-Magic
Quest at The Future of Skylands-Undead
Quest at Operation:Troll Rocket Steal-Un..
Quest at Operation:Troll Rocket Steal-Air
Quest at Skyhighlands-Water
Quest at Skyhighlands-Fire
Quest at The Golden Desert-Light
Quest at The Golden Desert-Dark
Quest at Lair of the Golden Queen-Air
Quest at Lair of the Golden Queen-Earth
Quest at The Ultimate Weapon-Earth
Quest at The Ultimate Weapon-Fire
Quest at Midnight Museum-Dark
Quest at Sunscraper Spire-Light
Quest at Nightmare Express-Tech
Quest at Nightmare Express-Light
Quest at Mirror of Mystery-Life
Quest at Mirror of Mystery-Tech
Quest at Skylanders Academy-Undead
Quest at Skylanders Academy-****

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