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!st Doctor (actor)
2nd Doctor (actor)
3rd Doctor (actor)
4th Doctor (actor)
5th Doctor (actor)
6th Doctor (actor)
7th Doctor (actor)
8th Doctor (actor)
War Doctor (actor)
9th Doctor (actor)
10th Doctor (actor)
11th Doctor (actor)
12th Doctor (actor)
Dalek in The Cult of Skaro
Dalek in The Cult of Skaro
Dalek in The Cult of Skaro
Dalek in The Cult of Skaro
Silence Will Fall!
Don't Blink!
Bo Sko Do Fro/ Human!
Potato Heads
Living Fat
Fat Green Guys With Big Black Eyes
Lived on Earth; Disturbed by Humankind
Tick Tock, Goes the Clock
Are you my mommy?
Christmas Episode 2005
Christmas Episode 2006
Christmas Episode 2007
Christmas Episode 2008
Christmas Episode 2009
Christmas Episode 2010
Christmas Episode 2011
Christmas Episode 2012
Christmas Episode 2013
Christmas Episode 2014
Season 1 1st Episode
Season 2 1st Episode
Season 3 1st Episode
Season 4 1st Episode
Season 5 1st Episode
Season 6 1st Episode
Season 7 1st Episode
Season 8 1st Episode
Season 1 Last Episode
Season 2 Last Episode
Season 3 Last Episode
Season 4 Last Episode
Season 5 Last Episode
Season 6 Last Episode
Season 7 Last Episode
Season 8 Last Episode
November Special 2009
November Special 2013
Easter Special 2009
White Dalek from Victory of the Daleks
Red Dalek from Victory of the Daleks
Yellow Dalek from Victory of the Daleks
Blue Dalek from Victory of the Daleks
Orange Dalek from Victory of the Daleks
________ Zero
_______ Mott
Fish Fingers and _______
___ ____ are cool!
____ and Monsters
The _____ Below
The Satan ___
____ Water
Unscramble: yorr het morna
Unscramble: teh ligr hwo idawte
Unscramble: hjno mulci
Unscramble: bcrye rotlolecnr
The Doctor has Regenerated __ Times
_________ shoots Missy as a Cyberman
Geronimo is said/ written __ Times
___are cool was said how many times
I _____ Saxon
The Doctor has been kissed__times
The master has appeared in ___ episodes
Missy is The ______
The cybermen have been in ___ episodes
The weeping Angels are in _ episodes
The Daleks First appeared in __________
The Cybermen First appeared in_______
The Weeping angels First appeared in___
The Silence First appeared in _________
The Sontarans first appeared in________
The Autons First appeared in__________
Revived: Autons first appeared in ______
The Face of Boe was in _ Episodes
The Face of Boe is __________________
'Silence will Fall' was first said by ______

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