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DescriptionProbability Term
When all the outcomes of a random variable cannot be listed, it is _____
Observation of random phenomenon
Combination of possible outcomes
All Possible outcomes in a situation
If two independent events A and B where A=.5 and B=.3, what is the probability of A and B occurring?
The value that relative frequencies approach with increased number of trials
Is height of a person discrete or continuous? (include 'variable')
The chance that an event will occur
The outcome of one trial doesn't affect the outcome of the others
Events that have no outcomes in common
Synonym for mutually exclusive
For two disjoint events A and B the probability that one or the other occurs is the sum of the probabilities of the two events
For two events A and B the probability that both A and B occur is the product of the probabilities of the two events
The probability that comes from a model
Probability that a subjective represents your personal degree of belief
Probability model that counts the number of coin flips until heads (include 'model')
Random occurence
The probability of the entire sample space must be one
The probability of an event occuring is one minus the probability that doesn't occur
The probability of event B or outcome B given A
DescriptionProbability Term
A diagram of conditional events or probabilities that shows all outcomes of a situation
A variable whos numeric value is based on the outcome of a random event
When all the outcomes of a random variable can be listed, it is _____
The collection of all the possible values and probabilities that can occur for a random variable
The sum of all possible outcomes multiplied by the probability that each outcome will occur
The expected value of the squared deviations from the mean
The square root of the variance
Probability model that counts the number of Bernoulli trials until the first success
Probability model that that counts the number of the successes in a fixed number of Bernoulli trials
The sample must be less than ten percent of the population
np>10, nq>10
Value of Random phenomenon
Probability model that counts the number of heads in 5 coin flips (include 'model')
If A abd B are mutually exclusive events where A=0.5 and B=0.3, what is the probability of A or B ocurring?
If the variance of a data set is 25, what is the standard deviation?
If the probabilitaty that event A will occur is .16, what is the probability that A will not occur?
Is the random variable amount of money discrete or continuous? (include 'variable')
Does the sample size 40 and the probabilities p=.2 and q=.8 satisfy the success failure rule?
as the number of independent trials increases the long run frequency of repeated events gets closer and closer to a single value
The sample space of two independent probabilities with no other possible outcomes is what?

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