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Miss Jackson has 2 children. What is her husband's last name?
There are 10 birds on a tree. A hunter shoots one down.How many birds are left?
I have 5 apples. I take 3 of them. How many do I have left?
A chicken lays an egg on top of a pyramid. The wind blows it over. What direction does it fall?
What weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of rocks?
How many months have 28 days?
A man is convicted of robbery, but the king is nice and lets him choose the way he dies.He is released a few moments later. What way does he choose?
A plane crashes on the border of the US and Canada. Where are the survivors buried?
What has 3 feet, but no legs?
Poor people have, and rich people want it. It is gooder than angels, and eviler than the devil. What is it?
There are 10 fish in a tank.6 fish swim away, 2 fish drown and 2 fish die. How many fish are left in the tank?
A man has lived in his house for many years. That night he decided to leave and turns off the light. That night 7 people die, why?
What is yours but used by your friends more than you?

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