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Can you name the members of the Wonderful 101 (including bonus guest members)?

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'The Crimson Fist'
'The Supersonic Blade'
'Le Sniper Supérieur'
'The Queen of Rage'
'The Hammering Russkie'
'The Claws of Calamity'
'The 8-Bit Enchanter'
'The Lone Cleanman'
'Not the Car, Not the Band'
'Jurassic Grrrl'
'Playtime Warrior'
'Drunken Style'
'Express Yourself!'
'Wanna Play?'
'Thank You!'
'Let's Rawk!'
'Vegetableness is Godliness'
'The Unwitting General'
'Better Off Dead'
'One Shot, One Thrill'
'Digesting is Caring'
'The Not-So-Gentle Way'
'Mastarr of the Seas'
'Chivalry Lives'
'Warrior of Wisdom'
'I'll Disappear You!'
'Eternal Artiste'
'A Pinch of Salt to the Wound'
'Rub a Dub'
'The Tap-Out Terror'
'The Sad Clown'
'The Happy Clown'
'Just $19.99!'
'The New You!'
'Lovin' the Oven'
'Like, No Way!'
'Courtesan of Kings'
'The Nightingale'
'The Golden Throat'
'Racket Attack-It'
'Settle the Score'
'Twirl Twirl Twirl!'
'Go-o-o-o Team!'
'Blooming Battlefields'
'Fresh Squeezed!'
'Your Dead Pal'
'Lick Me.'
'I Sense Danger!'
'The Miracle Kid'
'Bunny and the Beast'
'Ol' Stripe-Face'
'No Need to Confess!'
'Rhymes with Witch'
'His Majesty'
'An Enchanting Flower'
'Show Me Your Moves!'
'Xmas Every Day'
'Glory Glamour'
'Swimming Ecstasy'
'Benevolent Bovine Lover'
'Get Him!'
'Dead Ringer'
'Down the Rabbit Hole'
'G'Bye Earth!'
'You're Cursed!'
'Life's a Gamble'
'Got a Quarter?'
'The Hunter'
'Just Dial 0'
'Champ of the Sea'
'Forget the Brakes!'
'Danger! Flammable!'
'What Time Is It?'
'Surreal Justice!'
'Baron of the Beasts'
'Coming Soon!'
'Let There Be Light!'
'Good Morning!'
'Tea and Rice-Cakes'
'The Dirt Nap'
'The Wireless Wonder'
'Net Warrior'
'Pop the Clutch!'
'Lock Rocker'
'Gimme the Usual'
'It Does Buy Everything'
'Night Fantasia'
'Don't Hold It In'
'Coal-Fired Hero'
'Mister TNT'
'Mountain of a Man'
'There in a Jiffy'
'Take Two and Call Me'
'Frequent Flier'
'Bucket, Please'
'Right on Red'
'Unroll This'
'Nice Reception!'
'Space Pirate'
'Loyal Warrior'
'Bringer of Justice'
'Pompadour Paragon'
'Hero in Progress'
'Unwavering Veteran'
'Cool, Calm, and Collected'
'Eccentric Scientist'
'Commandant of the Skies'
'Ray of Hope'
'Go For It!'
'Mild-Mannered Game Designer'
'Infernal Gunsmith'
'Silver-Haired Knight'
'Lady in Black'

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