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The stranded, yet scientifically fascinated, hero is...Captain Olimar
...and his ever-so-hungry sidekick is...Louie
Now, the number of different types of pikmin they encounter along their travels is...Seven, although one is debatable
The story begins with the hero travelling on vacation in his ship...The S.S. Dolphin
He soon discovers a strange object that produces pikmin, which he calls...An Onion
The heroes hail from the planet known as...Hocotate
He names the pikmin after his favorite snack...Pikpik Carrots
The hero must get off the planet within 30 days before he is killed by the planet's toxic gas known as...Oxygen
These two names, at least in Japanese, were a play on the names of...Mario & Luigi
Of course, he does not necessarily succeed in his mission. There is not one ending to the game, but rather...Three endings
To pay off this debt, the only asset that the company had to sell was...The S.S. Dolphin
...and are employed by the company known as...Hocotate Freight
The captain's souvenir from the planet was deemed to be treasure, starting their new quest. This souvenir was...A Bottlecap
He then proceeds to collect ship pieces in a wooded area called...The Forest of Hope
To rescue the sidekick (or maybe just for financial gain), the hero is surprisingly helped by...The President of Hocotate Freight
With his ship near completion, he heads to The Final Trial, where he engages the beast known as...Emperor Bulblax
...when a meteor suddenly strikes, forcing him to crash into the first stage known as...The Impact Site
54.7% well as a dark, cave-like area known as...The Forest Navel
They were in debt because his new-recruit sidekick was on a mission to deliver...Golden Pikpik Carrots
The largest size pellet that you can find is labeled with the number...20
The only type of pikmin that does not have the same special abilities across both games is...Yellow Pikmin
The only type of pikmin that does not accompany you when you leave the underground caves is...Bulbmin
Your sidekick is certainly not worth his weight in pokos: once rescued, he is worth this many...10
The only ones capable of killing the Waterwraith are...Purple Pikmin
Once the debt is paid off, the hero sets off for home, but the sidekick...gets left behind
...when the cargo was supposedly devoured by...A Ravenous Space-Bunny
...and a watery region named...The Distant Spring
On the final floor of this cavern, they find the sidekick held captive by (or possibly controlling) a monster known as...Titan Dweevil
After he escapes, he returns home to find his company in a massive debt of this many pokos...10100
When looking in the Piklopedia, you can affect monsters by pressing either the A or Z buttons to use one of two items. Name one of these items...Pikpik carrots & Ultra-bitter spray
Aside from the leaf, bud, and flower, there is one other plant a pikmin can have on its head, which is a...mushroom
...and the summertime region called...The Perplexing Pool
The final region of the planet that these two visit is the autumn world of...The Wistful Wild
The treasure that unlocks Pikmin 2 challenge mode, and is the central object of that mode, is...The Key
The treasures also exhibit product placement, as there's many real-world brands represented. Name one...Too many to list, but you got one!
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The heroes then journey across two other regions to collect treasure, which are the springtime region of...The Awakening Wood
So they return, landing in a wintery region known as...The Valley of Repose
The sidekick is lost within a cave in this region called...The Dream Den
Pikmin 2 introduced the new feature of sprays, which came in two varieties. Name one of them...Ultra-spicy & Ultra-bitter
There are five major enemies that do not reappear in Pikmin 2. Name one of them...Goolix, Pearly Clamclamp, Armored Cannon Beetle, Puffstool, & Smoky Progg
On the Pikmin 2 title screen, the Pikmin can be rearranged to instead say...Nintendo
There is a cave that permits only a single specific type of pikmin to enter. This cave is...The Submerged Castle
The next day, they explore the new feature of Pikmin 2, underground caves. The first one they enter is...The Emergence Cave
If you reach the fourth stage of Pikmin before Day 15, there is an optional enemy you can fight called...Smoky Progg
Among the treasures of Pikmin 2, there is one called Gyroid Bust. This is a reference to the Nintendo series...Animal Crossing
The heaviest item of either Pikmin games has a weight of 1000. This item is...The Doomsday Apparatus
There are two enemies in Pikmin 2 capable of reviving themselves if left alone for some time. Name one of them...Gatling Groink & Spotty Bulbear
The first stage of Pikmin is interesting: there are two enemies that will appear after Day 15, alternating every other day. Name both...Mamuta & Goolix
When the total pikmin count is reduced to zero, the game shows the hero returning to his ship while displaying these words...Pikmin Extinction
By enlisting the Pikmin's help, he recovers his first ship piece, called...The Main Engine
There are five ship pieces that are not required to beat Pikmin. Name one of them...Nova Blaster, Space Float, Massage Machine, UV Lamp, & Secret Safe
In Pikmin, the hero is able to lay down and have the pikmin carry him back to their onion. If he is sucked into it, the onion releases...Fireworks
Aside from the final boss of Pikmin, there is only one other battle where boss music plays, against the enemy...Beady Long Legs
In Pikmin 2, when you assemble a party of 20 of each color pikmin, the pikmin will sing the song...Ai no Uta
Upon completing each level of Pikmin 2 challenge mode with a perfect, you unlock the hidden movie titled...Louie's Dark Secret
In the Pikmin 2 battle mode, the two captains are able to perform one extra function: they can pick up and throw...Bomb-rocks
...and recover the first treasure of the game, called...The Courage Reactor
According to the Piklopedia, the only member of the grub-dog family that does not have 'Bulb' in its name is...The Water Dumple
There is one enemy in Pikmin 2 with a different attack pattern: instead of chasing whoever's closest, he'll chase the person you're controlling. This enemy is...The Ranging Bloyster
Several treasures are a reference to other Nintendo series. Among them is the treasure called Remebered Old Buddy, which is in fact...R.O.B.'s head
There is one secret enemy that is not found in the Pikmin 2 piklopedia. This enemy will only appear in swarms every 30 days, in one location. That location is...Wistful Wild
There is one ship piece that occasionally encounters a glitch, after which it falls off the stage and is lost forever. This ship piece is...The Libra
Very good, you've gotten through the story, now how about some trivia? The head of the company thought that he had taken out a loan with...Happy Hocotate Savings & Loan
The pikmin will sing a certain song after 3 minutes and 50 seconds on the cave complete screen. This song is a recurring Nintendo reference called...Totaka's Song (Mario Paint Song)
Aside from the first ship piece, there is only one other piece that serves a function in your first quest. That piece is...The Whimsical Radar
There is one enemy with the unique ability to mimic your whistle, who is known as...The Antenna Beetle
...when in fact he had taken out his loan with...The All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks
Good luck with this one: the plant that produced the berries used to make these sprays is called...The Burgeoning Spiderwort
There are two parts of the Gamecube controller that do not have the same function in both games. Name both...The Directional Pad & Y Button
The treasure known as Brute Knuckles in Pikmin 2 unlocks a three-punch combo known as...The Rocket Fist
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