Nintendo Series by Villains

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Can you name the Nintendo series based on the villains listed?

Updated Jan 29, 2013

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David Mariner, Serena del Mar,
Strongwater Keep
Everyday Crises, Rival Cheer Squad,
Rhombulan Invasion
Ted Rumsworth, Archie Hubbs,
Obedience Trials
C-Serpent, Yum-Yum, Prime Invader Zoda
Ridley, SA-X, Mother Brain
Medeus, Nergal, Ashnard
Black Shadow, Deathborn,
Samurai Goroh
Smoglings, Miasmo, Queen Spydor
Konk, Ogura, Mashtooth
Overheated Engines, Super Monster Truck, Crystal Cup Nebula
Kaiser Vlad, Mr. Yamamoto,
Commander Sturm
Big Al, Meca-Hawk, The EVIL Syndicate
Bones Haywood, Dion Blaster,
Avalanche Alley
Marx, King Dedede, 02
Giygas, Pokey Minch, Masked Man
Medusa, Orcos, Hades
King Boo, Wart, Bowser
Saturos, Karst, Arcanus
Jameson, Hadron, Rahu
Cyrus, Ghetsis, Giovanni
Earth Mimicry, Commander Deko,
The Nebulox
Captain Syrup, Shake King, Rudy the Clown
Crazy Redd, Serena, Tom Nook
Aparoid Queen, Emperor Anglar, Andross
Vaati, Majora, Ganon
Mr. Sandman, Nick Bruiser, Mr. Dream
Dr. Lobe, 'Think' Puzzles, Small Brain Mass
Ghastly King, Tiki Tong, King K. Rool
Emperor Bulblax, Smoky Progg,
Titan Dweevil
Galleom, Tabuu, Master Hand

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