Banjo-Kazooie Series Characters

Can you name the heroes, villains, and other significant characters from the Banjo-Kazooie series?

RoleCharacterFirst appeared in
Ice cream vendor hiding from Maggie Birds in his vanBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Alien family who crash landed in the frog's Lagoon, then returned to search for their children in Hailfire PeaksBanjo-Tooie
The heroic bearBanjo-Kazooie
Rhinoceros who serves disgusting burgers in WitchyworldBanjo-Tooie
Yeti of Hailfire Peaks with an abnormally large footBanjo-Tooie
Morbidly obese sister of the witch who hides in Cauldron KeepBanjo-Tooie
Fat sled-racing polar bear in Freezeezy Peak, later moves his family to Halfire PeaksBanjo-Kazooie
Enormous dynamite box held in the ship's cargo in Rusty Bucket BayBanjo-Kazooie
Teaches the heroes their moves, then is killed by the witch, then resurrected to serve as a tour guideBanjo-Kazooie
Cow farmer of Mayahem Temple, overly fond of corn jokesBanjo-Tooie
Ancestor to the two moles who will teach you moves for musical notesBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Tells you all of the villain's disgustingly dirty secretsBanjo-Kazooie
Prospector in Glitter Gulch Mine distraught over his lost partnerBanjo-Tooie
Strange Bird-woman trapped in Glitter Gulch Mine who is IMPOSSIBLE to race upon returning to Cloud CuckoolandBanjo-Tooie
Captain of the Salty Hippo, loses his treasure, opens a failed wave racer shop, and crashes his UFOBanjo-Kazooie
Cheat giving spellbook who had his pages ripped outBanjo-Kazooie
Priest to the god of Mayahem Temple who lost the sacred priceless relic thingyBanjo-Tooie
Hot 'n' Spicy Dragon of Hailfire PeaksBanjo-Tooie
Cold 'n' Icy Dragon of Hailfire PeaksBanjo-Tooie
Young monkey in the shaman's Mountain who wants an orangeBanjo-Kazooie
Aquatic dinosaur of Terrydactyland who eats the heroes to have them resolve his stomach acheBanjo-Tooie
Mechanical garbage disposal in his self-named CavernBanjo-Kazooie
Guards the orange tree in the shaman's Mountain and Witchyworld's big topBanjo-Kazooie
Golden crocodile that wishes to be fed blue eggsBanjo-Kazooie
Gold digging partner trapped in the prison compound of Mayahem TempleBanjo-Tooie
The witch's rather filthy magic cauldronBanjo-Kazooie
Thirsty dinosaur of Terrydactyland who refuses to step out into the hot sunBanjo-Tooie
Mighty eagle of Click Clock Wood that must be hatched and fedBanjo-Kazooie
Ice cube spouses who both meet an untimely end at the hands of the heroesBanjo-Tooie
Boss of the pirate ship in Breegull BeachBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Bubble-blowing fish in the garbage-disposal's CavernBanjo-Kazooie
Beaver in Click Clock Wood locked out by a boulder, also bothers monkeys in another seriesBanjo-Kazooie
Camel residing in his self-named Valley who frequently runs from the heroes to avoid being poundedBanjo-Kazooie
Enormous golden idol summoned by the shaman in Mayahem TempleBanjo-Tooie
RoleCharacterFirst appeared in
Children of the polar bear from Freezeezy Peak, who all grow up into spoiled bratsBanjo-Kazooie
Witch antagonist of all four gamesBanjo-Kazooie
Living bean can facing eviction from Cloud CuckoolandBanjo-Tooie
Massive Mechanical Mud MuncherBanjo-Tooie
Large hen of the Isle O' Hags who hatches the mystery eggs from the original Stop 'n' SwopBanjo-Tooie
Mistress of the honey residing on the Isle O' Hags who gives the heroes extra healthBanjo-Tooie
Native American rival to the shaman, master of transformations and vehicle blueprintsBanjo-Tooie
Brother to the original mole who teaches the heroes advanced movesBanjo-Tooie
Collectible creatures who are frequently scared away or imprisoned by the witch; they also play kickball wth the molesBanjo-Kazooie
Large bear-shaped sphynx in the camel's Valley with a stuffy noseBanjo-Kazooie
Frog owner of the tavern in his self-named lagoon, later changes his name to sell the heroes jiggies in secretBanjo-Tooie
The shaman's totem pole in the shaman's Mountain, wishes to be fed blue stonesBanjo-Kazooie
The heroic birdBanjo-Kazooie
King of a village on the Isle O' Hags who is zombified by B.O.B.Banjo-Tooie
Ancient king of the camel's Valley who punishes you for entering his tombBanjo-Kazooie
Minion to the witch, who later leaves after several failures to go work on 'sssstupid gamessss'Banjo-Kazooie
Broken pail in Treasure Trove Cove who drains water from the sandcastleBanjo-Kazooie
Talking toilet of Mad Monster Mansion and the witch's Industries, needs to be unclogged and...entered...Banjo-Kazooie
Self-Important Anglerfish of the frog's LagoonBanjo-Tooie
Mother of five baby chickens lost on Cliff FarmBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Leader of a sacred cult dedicated to the worship of the Crystal JiggyBanjo-Tooie
Mechanized embodiment of the witch's soul created by her henchman to go back in timeBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Rather un-feminine partner to the frog of his self-named lagoon, eaten by a giant fishBanjo-Tooie
Overly thin sister to the witch who hides out in Cauldron KeepBanjo-Tooie
Crafty Shaman Impersonator of Cloud CuckoolandBanjo-Tooie
Impersonators of the village residents on the Isle O' HagsBanjo-Tooie
Helps the heroes reassemble a jiggy in Freezing FurnaceBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Ghostly hand playing the organ in Mad Monster MansionBanjo-Kazooie
Athletic aardvark of Cloud Cuckooland who challenges the heroesBanjo-Tooie
Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing of WitchyworldBanjo-Tooie
Rat master of disguises who challenges the heroes in several worldsBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Grumpy red crocodile in Bubblegloop Swamp who challenges you to an eating contestBanjo-Kazooie
Mother of two children lost in Spiller's Harbor, no relation to another spider from RareBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Shaman skilled at tansformations, mighty magic, and mechanical engineeringBanjo-Kazooie
RoleCharacterFirst appeared in
Squirrel of Click Clock Wood who conserves his acorns poorlyBanjo-Kazooie
Sleepy ghost of Mad Monster MansionBanjo-Kazooie
Hermit crab who guards the beach in Treasure Trove CoveBanjo-Kazooie
Security guard of the kickball stadium in Mayahem TempleBanjo-Tooie
Grubby Boiler Monarch of Glitter Gulch MineBanjo-Tooie
Cat replacement as the witch's new sidekickBanjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Pig children who can't go swimming in the frog's Lagoon due to mutating toxinsBanjo-Tooie
Morbidly obese pig who's chief of police in Showdown TownBanjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
The hero's pet goldfish who knows how to swim faster, but frequently ends up barbecuedBanjo-Kazooie
Snake charmer of the camel's Valley, not related to the currency of ZeldaBanjo-Kazooie
Adventurous treasure hunter of Sabre Wulf who meets an untimely end in Hailfire Peaks, but is revived by the heroesBanjo-Tooie
Rather impolite french fry vendor in WitchyworldBanjo-Tooie
Flying saucer ride of Witchyworld, later purchased and crashed by a certain hippoBanjo-Tooie
Rabbit employee of the witch's Industries who is not too happy with his dirty overallsBanjo-Tooie
Shark living in the waters of Treasure Trove Cove and Rusty Bucket Bay, hungry for bearBanjo-Kazooie
Dolphin trapped under the anchor of the ship in Rusty Bucket BayBanjo-Kazooie
Triassic Steamroller of Terrydactyland, so large that only his foot is visibleBanjo-Tooie
Enormous talking safe of Cloud Cuckooland who cannot remember his own combinationBanjo-Tooie
Gigantic turtle in Bubblegloop Swamp housing other turtles insideBanjo-Kazooie
Despotic Dizzy Totem God of Mayahem TempleBanjo-Tooie
Disgruntled Pterodactyl Parent of TerrydactylandBanjo-Tooie
Stone statue who gives hints to the heroes for returning her lost creaturesBanjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Powerful stone guardian who appears to deal the final blow to the witchBanjo-Kazooie
Choir conductor, father, and racer outside of the seriesBanjo-Kazooie
Strange creature kept first as the snake charmer's pet, then the zombified king's petBanjo-Kazooie
Young sister of the hero, kidnapped by the witchBanjo-Kazooie
Desperately dehydrated palm tree in the camel's ValleyBanjo-Kazooie
Mighty glass cup trapped in a shed in Mad Monster MansionBanjo-Kazooie
Christmas tree lights found in Freezeezy PeakBanjo-Kazooie
Visually-Impaired Welding Torch of the witch's IndustriesBanjo-Tooie
Timid walrus of Freezeezy Peak who secretly holds the ice key in his caveBanjo-Kazooie
Hornets of Click Clock Wodd and Cloud Cuckooland who are not too fond of the bearBanjo-Kazooie
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