Animal Crossing Major Characters

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Can you name the significant animals (i.e. non-villagers) of the Animal Crossing series?

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General Store Manager
Young Second Floor Sales Clerk
Young Second Floor Sales Clerk
Drowsy Town Mayor
Helpful Daytime Postal Worker
Disgruntled Nighttime Postal Worker
Hard-Working Town Postman
Ferryman/Cabbie/Bus Driver/Cucumber Enthusiast
Anti-Reset Realism Enforcer
Realism Enforcer's Assistant
Groovy Nomadic Musician
Friendly Tailor Shop Sales Clerk
Shy Tailor Shop Seamstress
Ritzy Department Store Sales Clerk
Parking Violator/Fashion Consultant
Emotional Psychologist/'Comedian'
Rare Master Comedian
Entomophobic Museum Curator
Adorable Observatory Worker
Coffee Shop Owner/Gyroid Collector
Fortune Teller/Spirit Cleanser/Charm Giver
Carpet/Wallpaper Recycling Advocate
Starved Wandering Artist
Shipwrecked Captain/U.F.O. Pilot
Philosophical Bridge Jumper
World Traveler/Set-up Manager/Options Adjuster
Fickle Fountain Spirit
Friendly Wishing Well Spirit
Wandering Lamp-less Ghost
Suspicious Vendor/Forgery Master
Insurance Scammer/Room Consultant/Job-Hater
Face-less Wi-Fi Wanderer
Funky Hair Stylist
Eloquent City Auctioneer
Train Station Attendant
Police Chief/Town Gatekeeper
Hesitant Lost and Found Director
Spunky Shoe Shiner
Child Lost over Wi-Fi
Mother of Lost Child
Traveling Turnip Seller
Fishing Tourney Judge
Bug-Off Judge
Gorgeous Snowy Art/Travesty of Wintertime Fun
(some assembly required)
City Prize Man
Acorn Festival Organizer/Masked Mayor?
Festivale Host
Bunny Day Egg Hider
Thanksgiving Silverware Thief
Sweet-Toothed Halloween Trickster
Toy Day Gift Giver

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