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How many monsters has Riley killed, according to A new man?
In which episode does Joyce die?
What`s the last name of Warren`s ex Katrina?Mentioned in 'Dead Things'.
Who plays Marcie Ross in Out of mind, Out of sight?
Before Angel, who called Spike Captain Peroxide?
Which four episodes have an unique opening? (in alphabetical oder)In two episodes there is one more character, in one there's less and in one it`s just a totally different opening.
What`s Kendra`s last name?
What`s Buffy`s costume in Fear, Itself?
What are Spike`s first words?He repeats them in 'Lover`s Walk'.
In Real Me, which game does Anya want to play because she`s so good at it?
Finish the line: And... And I never really liked you anyway...and...'No Place like Home'
What`s the name of Joyce`s friend in Dead Man`s Party?
What`s Spike`s nickname for Riley?'No Place like Home'
Which is the only episode in Season 4 in which Jonathan appears?
When does Tom Lenk first appear in Buffy?His name`s Cyrus then.
In Prophecy Girl, why didn`t Angel reanimate Buffy?
Who plays Adam?
What does Giles fight with in Tabula Rasa?
What`s Jesse`s last name?
Which is the only episode in which Xander doesn`t appear?
Who plays the potential Rona?
In which two episodes is Xander played by Nicholas Brendons twin brother Kelly?
What`s Buffy`s Adress?
What`s Willow`s middle name?
What does Dark Willow say when she`s in the woods right before flaying Warren?It`s vampire Willow`s catch phrase.
For how many days was Buffy dead?
When does Jonathan appear for the first time?He nearly gets kissed-and killed.
In which episode do we first get to see Xander`s mother?
What`s the name of the box in which the things are the Mayor has to eat for his ascension?
What are Kendra`s last words in Becoming (1)?
What name does Warren call Jonathan in Gone?He compares him to another tiny guy with brown hair in a great movie.

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