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Buffy's Adress 
Days Buffy was dead 
Spike's Hostile Number 
Adam's room in the Intiative 
Buffy's and Willow's dorm room number 
Characters in both Buffy and Angel
Also Given. 
Also Ex-Cheerleader. And a vamp. 
Female Vampire 
Another Female Vampire 
Ex-Rogue- Demon- Hunter 
Really old vampire 
Five by Five 
Although Angel and this person have met they don't recognize each other 
Actors who where in Buffy and Angel but played different roles
Main Role on Angel, on Buffy uncredited student in Hush 
More important on Buffy, on Angel just in one episode and even without demon face 
In Buffy in one great episode in Season 7, more important on Angel Season 5 
On Buffy a demon at the end of Season 6, on Angel a regular guy. Actor better known for his role in Grey's Anatomy 
Actors who played double roles
Zackary Kralik and Rack 
Cyrus and Andrew 
Ubervamp, Gnarl and a Gentleman 
Luke and The Judge 
Episodes in which Giles sings
Behind blue eyes 
Spike surprises him 
And try not to bleed on my couch, I just had it steam cleaned... 
Be back before ____ 
Will you still make me ________ when we are married? 
Oh, you mean an ______ friend? 
They're ruining my _____ day. 
You never showed me _________ like that! I'd wager. 
For god's sakes man she's eighteen! And you have the emotional maturity of a _________ scone. 
_____ your eyes. 
Xander decided he blames the ____ 
I think I'm having a _______. Yeah, that's a _______ 
She couldn't have dressed up like ____? 
Strange Words
Box of... (think Mayor) 
Glove of... (think Gwendolyn) 
Order of...(think What's my line) 
Knights of... (think Key) 
...'s eye (think Anya) 
Characters that appeared in all four nightmares in Restless
She had her own nightmare 
Quiet! You'll miss the humorous conclusion. 
That's easy. 
These... will not protect you. 
I don't know if he really counts since in Buffy's dream you don't really see him 
Songs (Which Episode)
Dingoes ate my baby (Four Star Mary)-Pain 
K's Choice-Virgin State of mind 
Angie Hart-Blue 
Aimee Mann-This is how it goes and Pavlov's Bell 
Michelle Branch-Goodbye to you 
Alison Krauss and Union Station-It doesn't matter and Cibo Matto-Sugar Water and Spoon 
Louie Says-She 

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