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Can you name the set of characters derived from all the Star Trek incarnations?

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Character DescriptionCharacterInitial
Sentient oil slick that killed Tasha YarA
Doctor aboard the USS Enterprise-DB
Nurse aboard the USS EnterpriseC
Operations Officer aboard the USS Enterprise-DD
Exiled Cardassian on DS9E
One-eyed hologram assassin created by Dr BashirF
Bartender aboard the USS Enterprise-DG
Helmsman aboard the USS EnterpriseH
Restored Borg droneI
Captain aboard the USS EnterpriseJ
Captain aboard the USS VoyagerK
Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed and Deanna Troi’s motherL
Tactical Officer on the Enterprise NX-01M
Character DescriptionCharacterInitial
Original First Officer aboard the USS EnterpriseN
Security Chief on DS9O
Navigator and Weapons Officer aboard the USS EnterpriseP
Member of the omnipotent Q continuumQ
Helmsman aboard the USS Enterprise-D who defected to the MaquisR
Science/First Officer aboard the USS EnterpriseS
Science Officer on the Enterprise NX-01T
Bajoran Vedek and favourite to succeed Winn Adami as KaiU
Ensign in engineering aboard the USS VoyagerV
Chief of Security and Tactical Officer aboard the USS Enterprise-DW
Coalition of six races on one planetX
Mother of Ezri DaxY
Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance prior to RomZ

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