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Can you name the elements whose symbols form the names of animals that answer the clues?

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A tundra predator, this is also the name of one of the X-Men (6)
These insects are from the order Diptera (2)
In Chinese myths, these birds are associated with immortality (4)
In America, this is also known as a buffalo (4)
The only mammal capable of true flight (2)
There are five extant species of this large mammal, all of which are endangered by hunting (7)
The type of animal that is the enemy in the film 'Jaws' (4)
Breeds of this animal include Belted Galloway and Aberdeen Angus (2)
These parrots are known for their large colourful crests (6)
These are carnivorous marine mammals (2)
A pest at summer picnics (3)
This animal is known as an elk in Europe (3)
This animal supposedly killed Cleopatra (2)
This weasel-like animal is an introduced pest in New Zealand (3)
A name shared by many popular gamefish (3)
John Lennon claimed to be this animal in a 1967 single (5)
A lizard known for its ability to walk on ceilings (4)
This is the name of a family of seed-eating songbirds commonly found in gardens (4)
This family of snakes includes the adder and the rattlesnake (4)
The North American name for the reindeer (6)
A wild ancestor of the llama (4)
The 'King of the Jungle' (3)
The world's largest rodent (5)
This Himalayan goat-antelope is the national animal of Bhutan (3)
This is the national bird of New Zealand (4)
Depending on where you are in the world, this could mean a leopard, a cougar or a jaguar (4)

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