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Can you name the next colour that occurs in these famous patterns?

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Rings on an archery target: Gold, Red, Blue, ?
Mauritius flag, bottom to top: Green, Yellow, Blue, ?
Original Trivial Pursuit category colours, alphabetically: Brown, Pink, Blue, ?
8-Ball pool colours in reverse: Black, Maroon, Green, ?
133 Crayola standard colours (alphabetically): Almond, Antique Brass, Apricot, ?
Clockwise round the colour wheel in art: Red, Violet, Blue, ?
Letters in the Google logo: Blue, Red, Yellow, ?
NBC logo, right to left: Green, Blue, Purple, ?
Colours of the last four Ivy League Schools, alphabetically: Crimson, Orange/Black, Red/Blue, ?
Most common new car colours according to Forbes: White, Black, Silver, ?
Colours on Joseph’s Coat (according to the musical): Red and Yellow and Green and ?
Secondary house colours at Hogwarts: Gold, Black, Bronze, ?
Top four best-selling 'colourful' music bands: 4. Green (Day), 3. Black (Eyed Peas), 2. Red (Hot Chili Peppers), ?
PatternNext Colour
Hawaii flag, top to bottom: White, Red, Blue, ?
Berlin and Kay hypothesis for the evolution of colour terms in language: Black and White, Red, Green or Yellow, ?
Colours that Mika could be in 'Grace Kelly': Brown, Blue, Violet, ?
Mr Men character colours, in order of publication: Orange, Pink, Yellow, ?
BBC television channel logo colours: Red, Turquoise, Pink ?
Flame test colours of the group one elements: Crimson, Yellow, Lilac, ?
Clockwise round the colour wheel in physics: Red, Yellow, Green, ?
Common colours of modern birthstones: Red, Purple, Pale Blue, ?
Liturgical colours in Catholicism, from 1st January: White/Gold, Green, White/Gold, ?
London Underground lines in alphabetical order: Brown, Red, Yellow, ?
Classic UK Monopoly board: Brown, Light Blue, Magenta, ?
Olympic Rings in reverse: Red, Green, Black, ?

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