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Follow in the footsteps of these giants of chemistry and identify the elements from a description of their first discovery or isolation.

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DiscoveryChemical ElementCredited Discoverer
Found as a natural decay product of a previous radioactive elementFriedrich Ernst Dorn; William Crookes; Marguerite Perey
Spectrum analysis of Dürkheim mineral waterRobert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff
By removing carbon dioxide from exhaled airDaniel Rutherford
Found in burnt seaweedBernard Courtois; Antoine Balard
Extracted from molybdenaCarl Wilhelm Scheele
Reactions with mercuric oxideCarl Wilhelm Scheele and Joseph Priestley
Found as a yellow line in the solar spectrumPierre Jansen and Joseph Norman Lockyer
Liquefaction of air and nitrogenLord Rayleigh and William Ramsay
Extracted from beryl and emerald gemstonesLouis-Nicolas Vauquelin
Found in a molybdenum sample used in a cyclotronCarlo Perrier and Emilio Segre
Unrecorded discovery in antiquityUnknown
Extracted from samarskiteMarc Delafontaine; Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran
Electrolysis of quicklimeHumphry Davy
Extracted from 'fake copper'Axel Frederik Cronstedt
Potassium reduction of sedative saltsHumphry Davy
DiscoveryChemical ElementCredited Discoverer
Electrolysis of potashHumphry Davy
Impurities in platinumWilliam Hyde Wollaston and Smithson Tennant; Karl Karlovich Klaus
Extracted from silicaJöns Jacob Berzelius
Obtained from hydrochloric acidCarl Wilhelm Scheele
Extracted from wolframiteJose and Fausto Elhuyar
Prepared from urineHennig Brand
Extracted from pyrolusiteJohan Gottlieb Gahn; Humphry Davy
Impurities in goldAntonio de Ulloa; Franz-Joseph Muller von Reichenstein
Extracted from magnesiaHumphry Davy
Produced by reacting strong acids with metalsParacelsus (observed) Henry Cavendish (identified)
Spectrum analysis of Norwegian zirconDirk Koster and Georg von Hervesy
Extracted from pitchblendeMartin Heinrich Klaproth; Pierre and Marie Curie; Andre-Louis Debierne
Extracted from liquid argon samplesWilliam Ramsay and Morris Travers
Found to cause blue colouration in glassGeorg Brandt
Extracted from gadoliniteMany, many scientists!

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