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Can you name the people, well known and less well known, that appear in the Bible?

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ClueNameInitial Letter
Ok easy, the first manA
Father of JacobI
Runaway slave of PhilemonO
The name of two of the disciplesJ
Husband of BathshebaU
Procurator of Palestine from AD 60 to 62F
Owned a talking donkeyB
Sentenced Jesus to death by washing his handsP
Gave his name to the tribe of priestsL
Disguised herself as a prostituteT
One of the high priests that Jesus metC
The third daughter born to Job after his afflictionK
ClueNameInitial Letter
Predecessor to Esther as Xerxes I's queenV
Converted in the AreopagusD
Built a boatN
Defeated the Midianites with 300 menG
A small tax collector who climbed a tree to see JesusZ
Governer of Syria when Jesus was bornQ
Mother of John the BaptistE
One of the disciples, a tax collectorM
Stoned to deathS
The great-grandmother of David, married to BoazR
An apostate ChristianH

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