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Can you name the following places mentioned in the Bible?

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CluePlaceInitial Letter
A nation with major cities called Ashur and NinevehA
The home town of Mary, Martha and LazarusB
Paul was imprisoned here for two year before being sent to RomeC
A group of ten cities, centres of Greco-Roman cultureD
An older name for Bethlehem, mentioned by MicahE
Meaning 'expansion' it is what separates the waters above from the waters below in Genesis 1F
A site outside Jerusalem supposedly resembling a skullG
The interior portion of the TabernacleH
A nation made from an alliance of ten tribesI
The Israelites crossed this body of water 'as if on dry land'J
The site of the defeat of Sisera and the execution of the prophets of BaalK
A place of great treesL
CluePlaceInitial Letter
The site of the great battle occurring at ArmageddonM
Where Gabriel told Mary she would bear the Son of GodN
One of the gates in the North Wall of JerusalemO
The prefix given to a city twice visited by Paul to differentiate it from one in ancient SyriaP
A way of describing areas in a city as in SodomQ
Probably where Paul wrote Philippians, Colossians, Philemon and EphesiansR
Where Samuel was trained as a priest by EliS
They stood in the middle of the Garden of Eden (name either)T
Where Job livedU
A geographical feature where Achan and his family were killedV
Feature at Beersheba created by Abraham and IsaacW
The pass by which the Moabites, Ammonites and Meunites came from the Dead Sea to meet the IsraelitesZ

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