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The chance of having sextuplets (six babies at once) is roughly 1 in _____ billion.
The shortest man ever recorded, Gul Mohammed, was _____ cm tall.
Rick, from Canada, is covered from head to toe in a tattoo of a _____.
The capital city of Mongolia is _____.
Tesco was founded in the year _____.
_____ is the most googled person ever.
The _____ (animal) kills more than 2,000,000 people on average per year.
You shed and re-grow your outer skin cells approximately every _____ days.
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Four _____ were struck by lightning on June 25th 2008 in New Zealand
You can go and get a massage from a _____ in Northern Israel for just $80.
A peregrine Falcon can travel at _____ mph whilst diving.
Around 500 _____ hit the earth every year, but the only reported fatality was a Dog.
_____ is the most bought game from Apple's online Store
_____ has more than 250 million users.
Roughly _____ % of the earths population live in China

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