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Can you name the Illinois Delta Brothers?

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Can You Name the Brothers?
I really really think I'm good looking and jacked, I love Orgo and I will let you know all the time. My last 3 **** were all 12's out of 10
No one voted for me, but somehow I was 1... for a year
Thanks to bone cancer I can only count to 19.5
Not only are my girlfriend's hands bigger than mine, so is her dick
I'm sooooo artistic....can I paint you?
I swear I showered....last week
My name sounds like a venerial disease
My date **** half our house
I was the second one to ride Big Red
I pooped on a car, and I make fun of you every monday
Since I stopped popping ADD medicine, my life mirrors Charlie from its always sunny
I lost my V-Card, got my redwings and jerked off next to my sleeping girlfriend all in one week
For some reason as VP i decided not to give Bro of the Week a free six pack, what the ****, you owe me, rollin, and like 10 other people free beer
I'm a pitcher, not a catcher
I almost got an ADPi pregnant, thank god for Plan B
Can You Name the Brothers?
I wear girl jeans
Apparently having a weird facial piercing is a requirment for my last name, but I better
I know what you mastubate too, and I email it out
The stars at night are big and bright....
I may have the herp
I'm alot cooler than version 1.0 and 2.0, plus I'm not a virgin
For some reason I think I can pick up girls, want to listen to my tips...Cough Cough Cough
im only medium sized, Im pretty smart, and Im a human
My roommate doesnt drink, oh and I wish I was white, or black
We are a bunch of tools, who frat hard and frat often, BRO!!!!!!

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