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Can you name the 90210 Stortylines (S1: ep1-ep5)?

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New Principal that moves back to home town, LA, from Witchita, Kansas.Season 1: Episode 1
Cheated on his girlfriend in a car, was seen by Annie doing this.Season 1: Episode 1
Tries out for the school Lacrosse team but gets in a fight with one of the players.Season 1: Episode 1
Humiliates Annie on her blog for befriending Naomi.Season 1: Episode 1
Lead in the school play who steals Naomi's bag for drug money. Season 1: Episode 1
Has her sweet 16 party and copies Annie's English essay. Season 1: Episode 1
Borrows 3 Wild Boars off his dad to help Dixom find revenge on Palisade high after they vandalised school halls. Season 1: Episode 2
Goes on a date with Ty Collins in San Francisco. Season 1: Episode 2
Being put under pressure by her mom to audition for acting jobs. Season 1: Episode 2
Goes out with Ryan Matthews and an old friend, Brenda Walsh, comes back to town. Season 1: Episode 2
After finding out about his son with Tracy Clark before, he confronts his wife. Season 1: Episode 2
Is forced to go to family night instead of watching a new James Bond film. Season 1: Episode 3
Finds out her dad is having an affair with a lady called Gail. Season 1: Episode 3
Has been staying at a woman's shelter because of her mom's alcoholism. Season 1: Episode 3
Is codirecting the school production but realises she is being too harsh on her grand daughter. Season 1: Episode 4
Gets a job at the Peach Pit. Season 1: Episode 4
Gets stood up by Ethan after rejecting a date with Ty. Season 1: Episode 4
Forgives her ex best friend for gossiping about her family issues. Season 1: Episode 4
Is stage managing the school production of Spring Awakening. Season 1: Episode 5
Is having problems coming to terms with her parent's divorce. Season 1: Episode 5
The Principal walks in on him and his girlfriend making out backstage. Season 1: Episode 5
Gives her daughter a sex talk. Season 1: Episode 5
Has to forfeit her role in the play due to her being in an unstable state before the show. Season 1: Episode 5
Plans on losing her virginity with her boyfriend but Adrianna plays tricks on the couple and ruins the opportunity. Season 1: Episode 5

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