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How Well Do You Know VIXX? [Songs Challenge]

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LyricsTitle Of The SongsBand
'Look. Love is a nightmare. Time’s over'VIXX
'You’re disappearing with the darkness once again When the day comes, I’m left alone in bed'VIXX
'I don’t care if my ears rip If only you can hear it If only I could feel your eyes, nose, lips and warm breath'VIXX
'Even if everyone scans your body with their typical eyes It doesn’t matter because you’re already in my arms'VIXX
'I’m sorry I couldn’t express my heart for all this time I guess I was too shy to say I love you'VIXX
'I let out a deep sigh I rip her up from inside my heart As I let out a silent scream'VIXX
'If you take any longer, I’ll disappear I’m a bad boy who’ll hurt you and leave'VIXX
'You made me sing a love song for the first time Then you left me'VIXX
'A small and soft voice can be heard Clearly through the music'VIXX
'I don’t even know myself I try holding it in as hard as I can but my body won’t listen anymore'VIXX

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