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main character
main character's rival
main character's crush
first teacher of main character
main character's first Jonin leader
the green beast of the hidden leaf village
a genius of the Hyuga clan
rising twin dragons jutsu
leaf Jonin who smokes a lot
a genuis of IQ level over 200
rivals sakura for her crush on sasuke
fat meat tank who loves chips
excellent genjutsu Jonin of the leaf
a foul mouth and owns a little white dog
bushy brows!!
neji's cousin
bug ninja who beats kankuro
naruto's father
naruto's mother
raving owner of first successful curse mark
sensory ninja on team hebi
now owns zabuza's sword of the mist
frog sage and sannin
5th hokage and sannin
battles the 3rd hokage and a sannin
good with medicine and orochimaru's helper
1st hokage
2nd hokage
3rd hokage
battles 1st hokage and gains rinnegan
the REAL leader behind Akatsuki
only female in akatsuki
sasuke's brother
sasuke's brother's partner
red puppeteer
Art is a BANG!!!
Money is everything. also I have 5 hearts
red scythe and jashin ritual
destroyed leaf village. His REAL NAME not pain
the 'venus fly trap' looking akatsuki member
tsunade's right hand girl
5th kazekage
older brother of the sand siblings
sister of the sand siblings
new member of team 7
new leader of team 7
only 'hokage' sasuke killed
two tailed host
three tailed host
four tailed host
five tailed host
six tailed host
seven tailed host
eight tailed host or fist bump man
giant chief toad
giant purple snake
tsunade's summoning slug's name
one tailed beast
two tailed beast
three tailed beast
four tailed beast
five tailed beast
six tailed beast
seven tailed beast
eight tailed beast
nine tailed beast
strongest ninja ever, who begins uchiha and senju clans
sound ninja team leader
sound ninja flute player
sound ninja spider-like ninja
sound ninja earth stylist
sound ninja two-faced, literally
learns black lightning jutsu from 3rd raikage
has a byakugan in one eye
7 swordsman member and demon of the mist
partner of the demon of the mist
grandson of the 3rd hokage
5th mizukage
4th raikage
nagato's best friend whose body is the lead Pain

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