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I knew I shouldnt have screwed up the solo in that Metallica song...
So i spawn back with half my hearts? Now I need to drink that damn potion just so I can fight Ganon without dying, sheesh
Why do i have to sneak around under this stupid cardboard box?
No i should have kept that fire flower I had ages ago!
I NEVER KNEW SHE WAS A GIRL. Now I feel slightly more scared killing all these Space Pirates...
That is a badly positioned enemy right there!! It made me lose all my rings!
Ah ive run out of ammo, right in the middle of this. Now i need to die, get some more from the Gadgetron vendor and DO THE WHOLE THING AGAIN.
I can't be in first place for more than 20 seconds becuase of these blue shells!
That was definately a smash attack! I was not using my special....
So just when I find a spartan laser, he runs me over in a warthog, Great.
Ah, there is one gem left and I have no Sparx to help me. Brilliant.
I just used my Limit Break, he really should be dead by now.
All i needed was just one t-block, but no, an L-block comes down. Fantastic.
I just did this mission, i dont know why this guy needs so much drugs!!
STOP CAMPING YOU NOOBS! F**k this, I'm off to play Halo.
Why did i destroy my last sheild, i could have at least kept one out of four!!
Slippy, you're such an idiot.
Why haven't they done a Pyro or a Medic trailer yet?
These zombies do not stop coming; I can't wait until morning and I can go get some gold.

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