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The name of the main homeland in Spyro 2A
The sorceress' apprenticeB
In Spyro 1, the dragons are trapped in...C
In Spyro 1 and 3, you rescue.....D
The character that gives you the guidebook in Spyro 2E
She is a...F
The enemies in Spyro 1G
The levels Twilight, Breeze and SpeedwayH
In Icy Speedway in Spyro 2, Hunter is inside an....I
The name of the Boss of the Dream Weavers world in Spyro 1 J
Sheila is one of theseK
Every time you find a skill point you get an extra...L
The greedy bear who steals all your gemsM
The first dragon you rescue in Spyro 1N
A skateboarding trick in Spyro 3, the equivalent of five left spinsO
These mark the entrance to each levelP
Couldnt find, type in letterQ
The level with the farming robots in Spyro 2R
They are trapped in stone in Fracture HillsS
You have to find 14 of these in Spyro 2T
Couldnt find, type in letterU
Couldnt find, type in letterV
The final homeworld in Spyro 2W
Couldnt find, type in letterX
Sparx's healthy colour is...Y
The level you have to pay Moneybags to unlock in Spyro 2Z

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