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Can you name the Halo 5 guns and Variants? (no effect are standard gear)

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UNSCno effect
UNSCno effect
UNSCno effect
UNSCno effect
UNSCno effect
UNSCno effect
UNSCextended magazine
UNSCexplosive rounds, reduce rate of fire
UNSCno effect
UNSCno effect
UNSCextended magazine, homing function
UNSClaser guided, proximity, cluster rockets
UNSCincreased projectile speed and damage, boosts stats
UNSCfires 3 rockets in a V pattern
UNSCfires multiple mini rockets instead
UNSCno effect
UNSCreduced recoil, faster rate of fire, reduced damage
UNSCextended magazine, prevents descope, increased recoil
UNSCmassively increased damage, boosts stats
UNSCno effect
UNSCincreased rate of fire, damage and range
UNSCinfused kinetic bolts, increased range and one shell reloads all
UNSCno effect
UNSCproduces area of effect damage
UNSCno effect
UNSCexplosive rounds
UNSCno effect
UNSCtracks ground and air
UNSCno effect
UNSCreduced charge time and damage, increased battery capacity
UNSCreduced charge time increased damage and recoil targeting laser does damage and boosts stats
UNSCno effect
UNSCextended magazine and reduced charge time
UNSCcharge time is unlimited, increased damage
UNSCIncreased damage and recoil, boosts stats
UNSCsilenced, burst fire, boosts stats
UNSCno effect
UNSCfaster reload time and increased damage
UNSCEMP rounds
UNSCincreased damage, rate of fire and accuracy, boosts stats
UNSC no effect
Covenantno effect
Covenantincreased rate of fire and reduced battery consumption
Covenantreduced battery consumption and creates a void when charged
Covenantno effect
Covenantreduced battery consumption and increased accuracy
Covenantexplosive rounds and created knock back effect
Covenantno effect
Covenantfully auto and extended magazine
Covenantfires needle rounds with super combine effect
Covenantno effect
Covenantincreased rate of fire, reduces heat dispersion and increased accuracy
Covenantburst fire and reduced battery consumption
Covenantno effect
Covenantswung more rapidly
Covenantprovides evasion and increased thrust
Covenantlarger lunge radius and added active camo, boosts stats
Covenantno effect
Covenantfaster needle speed and better homing behavior
CovenantAP needles and lower rate of fire
Covenantno effect
Covenantfires two shots instead of one and does not overheat
Covenantshots have proximity fuses and creates super combine expllosins
Covenantno effect
Covenantwider lunge range and faster swing time
Covenantreleases a shockwave upon impact
Covenantreleases a series of linear explosions and boosts stats
Covenantno effect
Covenantincreased damage and rate of fire
Covenantshots leave a toxic residue in area of impact
Covenantno effect
Covenantno effect
Forerunnerno effect
Forerunnerfaster rate of fire and extended magazine
Forerunnerfires tracking bolts
Forerunnerno effect
Forerunnerincreased rate of fire and reduced recoil
Forerunnershots make a super combine explosion
Forerunnerno effect
Forerunnerfaster rate of fire and extended magazine
Forerunnerfires lethal explosive rounds
Forerunnerno effect
Forerunnerincreased magazine and rate of fire
Forerunnerfires ricocheting rounds that later track targets
Forerunnerno effect
Forerunnerincreased magazine
Forerunnerfires two shots that split apart from each other
Forerunnerno effect
Forerunnerwhen charged, fires multiple linear rounds
Forerunnerfires shots that track everything
Forerunnerno effect
Forerunnerno effect
UNSCReduced damage taken and has explosive shots, boosts stats
UNSCbring back the classic!
Covenantbring back the classic again!
Covenanthigher rate of fire and hip fire accuracy
Covenantshots have vortex effect, reduced rate of fire
Covenantbetter accuracy and heat dissipation
Covenantincreased damage and gains a lethal melee function
CovenantFores a series of hunter shards in quick bursts
CovenantFires homing charged fuel rod shell
UNSCNo smart link and has decreased reload speed
UNSCA magnum with integrated silencer and scope
UNSCProjectile weapon that lobs EMP grenades
UNSCAdjusts grenade trajectory to maximise damage
ForerunnerHardlight beam weapon

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