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Largest land living arthropod in the world.
Smallest member of the porpoise family.
Can regenerate body parts and never goes through metemorphusus, so they always have gills.
Fourth largest rodent in the world, related to guinea pigs, and a group of these is called a creche.
Can eat plants poisonous to most other animals and lives in dry desert steppes.
Has been discovered that they are not really related to shrews and eats like an anteater.
Found on Madagascar, covered in barbed spines, and eat insects.
Found in the Amazon, looks like bark and leaves, and has a mouth that, when opened, can suck a fish into it using a vacuum effect.
Nocturnal deer, lives in the Vasayan Islands, and only about 600 are left in the world.
Lives to 100 years old and goes for 10 years without food.
Close to the manitee, and related to the elephant.
Has 'hands' and can climb out of water and onto the bank, but most amazingly rock climbs.

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