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Forced Order
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'Don't promise that you're gonna write, don't promise that you'll call. Just promise that you won't forget we had it all.'
'I will drive by your house, and if the lights are all out I'll follow your bus downtonw.'
'Closer, maybe looking closer. There's more to discover, find out what went wrong without blaming each other.'
'I would walk through the desert, I would walk down the aisle, I would swim over oceans just to see you smile.'
'I've never had the words to say, but now I'm asking you to stay for a little while inside my arms. And as you close you're eyes tonight, I pray that you will see the light that is
'All that you want's under your nose, yah. You should open your eyes but they stay closed, clooooosed.'
'Livin' out of cases, packing up and takin' off. Made a lot of changes, but not forgettin' who I was.'
'Your all I want, so much it's hurting.'
'I'll lift you up, I'll never stop. You know I'll take you to another world. I'll build you up, I'll never stop, you now I'll take you to another world.'
'And all those sleepless night and daydreams where I pictured this, I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl.'
'We got live before we get older, do what we like we got nothin to loose. Shake off the weight of the world from your shoulders, ooooh we got nothing to prove.'
'I used to think I was better alone. Why did I ever want to let you go? Under the moonlight as we stared at the sea. The words you whispered I will always believe.'
'If I changed the world for you, I bet you wouldn't have a clue. Don't you know I can'y stand when girls say...'
'Hello, hello, I'm really hoping you'll forgive me. I keep talking, begging; tell me what I wanna hear. Yeah girl tell me what I wanna hear.'
'Some are like water, some are like the heat. Some are a melody, some are the beat. But sooner or later they all will be gone; why don't they stay young?'
'Yah, we'll be doing what we do, just pretending that we're cool so tonight...'
'Five foot somethin with the skinny jeans. Don't look back baby follow me.'
'Now I'm climbing the walls, but you don't notice at all that I'm going out of my mind all day and all night.'
'Every morning when I leave my house I always look for you, yah. I se you every time I close my eyes, what'm I gonna do?'
'But don't burn out, even if you scream and shot. It'll come back to you,and I'll be here for you.'
'We all need something. This can't be over now. If I could hold you I swear I'd never put you down.'
'Hey I don't want you to be the one that got away. I want to get addicted to you. You're rushing through my mind, I wanna feel the high, I wanna be addicted.'
'On the other side of the world, I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two.'
'It makes your lips so kissable, and your hips unmissable. Your fingertips so touchable, and your eyes irresistible.'
'Should I put coffee and granola on a tray in bed and wake you up with all the words that I still haven't said.'
'They ever hold each other tight like us, did they ever fight like us?'
'Oh I just wanna take you anywhere you like, we can go out any day and night. Baby I'll take you there, take you there, take you there, yah.'
'Countless lovers undercover on the street. You know that I could use somebody. You know that I could use somebody, someone like you.'
'Shut the door, throw the key. Don't want to be reminded, don't wanna be seen. Don't want to be without you, my judgement's clouded like tonight's sky.'
'People say we shouldn't be together, too young to know about forever. But I say they don't know what they talk-talk-talkin about.'
'Can we fall, one more time, stop the tape and rewind. Oh and if you walk away, I know I'll fade cause there is nobody else.'
'Everyone's tellin me. I'm just too blind to see, how you messed me up. I'm better off now.'
'Don't even care about the table breaking, we just wanna have a laugh.'
'So baby hoooold on to my heart. I need you to keep me from falling apart. I'll always hold on, cause you make me strong.'
'Best I ever had, hips don't lie. You make me wanna *breathe* one more night. Irreplaceable, crazy, we're crazy.'
'Her boyfriend's a dick, and he brings a gun to school and he'd simply kick my ass if he knew the truth.'
'Forget all we said that night, no it doesn't even matter cause we both got split in two.'
'You don't understand, you don't understand, what you do to me when you hold his hand.'
'I've never been so into somebody before, and every time we both touch I only want more.'
'Did I do something stupid, ya girl if I blew it, just tell me what I did, let's work through it. There's got to be some way to get you to want me like before.'
'And I'll be gone, gone tonight; the fire beneath my feet is burning bright. The way that I've been holding on so tight, with nothing in between.'
'You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me.'
'You know, I know, you know I'll remember you. And you know I know you know I hope you remember how we danced.'
'There's nothing left, I used to cry. My conversation has run dry. That's what's going on, nothing's fine, I'm torn.'
'So c-c-c'mon, you got it wrong. To prove I'm right I put it in a song. I don't know why you're being shy and turn away when I look in your eye-eye-eye.'
'Never felt like this before, are we friends or are we more? As we're walking towards the door, I'm not sure.'
'I hear voices singing songs in the street and I know'
'There is no other place that I'd rather be than right here tonight. As we lay on the ground I put my arms around you and we can stay here tonight.'
'Your secret tattoo, the way you change moods, the songs that you sing when you're all alone.'
'Holdin onto your hand, dancing in the dark, because I'm the only one who loved you from the start.'
'Well your the charming type; that little twinkle in your eye gets me every time.'
'Girl that should be me calling on your phone, saying you're the one and that I'll never let you go.'
'When I say that I can't do it no more, she's back at my door.'
'So your friend's been telling me you've been sleeping in my sweater, and that you can't stop missing me.'
'I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British. Whether we're together or apart, we can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start.'
'Everything you do is magic, everything you do is magic, everything you do is magic.'
'No we can't male up our minds, because when we think we've got it right...'
'Backseat of the cab, we're in the cab now. Lips getting so attached, they're so attached now.'
'When you walk by, I try to say it but then I freeze and never do it. My tongue gets tied, the words get trapped.'

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