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Who is the drummer for the band?
This tweet of Liam's became a popular joke in the fandom. What was he telling fans to turn around from?
Which member won a fashion award in 2013 for being a style icon?
Which member has a tattoo of a robot?
What does Harry's hip tattoo say?
Which song on Midnight Memories has lyrics comprised of other song titles?
During what song in This is Us do the boys turn into superheroes?
Which member dressed as a female in the Best Song Ever music video?
Niall and Harry both have what kind of car?
Which member has the most twitter followers?
Which member wore a hot pink polo while out golfing?
Which member is a Packers fan?
Which member has a collection of vintage cars?
Who's record did the boys beat with One Way or Another for top grossing charity single of all time?
What is the name of Zayn's dog?
Finish this fandom joke: 'She _____ four years ago.'
What child can Harry often be seen with?
What is a common phrase exchanged by Louis and Zayn? They also throw up the gang sign for this quite often.
1D Day was how many hours? (the planned time, not the time it turned out to be)
Which member bought his mother a house?
What does Louis' chest tattoo say?
Which member won an award for best smile?
What was Harry's costume for the Halloween the boys spent in Japan?
To whom is Zayn engaged?
Which member tweeted this? '#done'
Which member broke the record (previously set by Demi Lovato) for strongest voice in concert?
What restaurant has a good relationship with the fandom on twitter and follows many fans?
The name of the band's tour manager is?
Who wrote Little Things for the band?
Which member has a tiger tattoo?
The boys did a photoshoot for Glamour magazine with this famous female
Which member is notorious for his fedora hats?
Which member has a feather tattoo?
In what city was the concert when Liam and Louis engaged in a water fight during TMHT?
Niall fondly named the fandom this on twitter
Which member has a facebook? (it is set on private)
Which member is commonly compared to David Beckham?
It is called a _____ when fans photo shop extra tattoos and piercings onto the boys.
What professional soccer team does Louis play for?
Which member was shorter than the girl whom he shared his first kiss?
Who originally recorded Teenage Dirtbag?
Who tattooed Harry's lock and key tattoos on his wrist?
Harry commonly changes the lyric 'you still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me' to?
Which member can be seen in a shower in the One Way or Another music video?
Which member has a fondness for the band '1975?'
What model is Harry friends with and often rumored to be dating?
What is the name of the BBC Radio 1 announcer that Harry is good friends?
What was Zayn's pocket tweet?
What brand of phone was used in the 'find the phone' game videos?
What do fans often endearingly refer to their favorite member as? 'Their ______.'
What is the name of Niall's brother?
What is Niall's nephew named?
What do Harry's ankle tattoos say?
Which members have a 'Mystery Machine' filled with video game consoles and comic book decorations?
Louis' '70' tattoo is the house number of whom form his childhood?
This is the name for fans who are mentally stuck in 2010 in regard to the band
On 1D Day, which member died their hair and what color? (say the color and the first name)
Who's laugh can you hear in the background during Zayn's solo in 'She's Not Afraid?'
Which member has the least twitter followers?
Which member had tried out for the X Factor once before?
This is a hair accessory commonly photoshopped onto the boy's heads and worn by them in concert a couple times and in one interview
Harry's sister is named?
What does Zayn's arm tattoo say? (the one that looks like a comic book sound effect)
All the boys except Niall have a tattoo of what on their ankles?
What is the name of Liam's dog?
Who is the hair stylist for the band?
Which member said this in the This is Us movie trailer? 'You drink it, you drink it, you drink it.'
Which member used to work at Toys R Us?
At what awards show was One Way Another performed live for the first time?

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