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Run the wizarding bank, Gringotts. They are capable of making fine metal works, like swords that can never be dirtied.
There was one of these in Lupin's office the first time Harry visited and these also were the reason that Fleur could not continue in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament.
Harry fought one of these in the Chamber of Secrets. If you look at the eyes of this creature, you will die.
These carry the post for wizards and can also be purchased as a pet for Hogwarts students.
These take the shape of whatever you fear the most. In Lupin's Defense Against the Darkarts class, the class fights off one of these.
Harry has to fight one of these in order to obtain his golden egg in the Triwizard Tournament. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine also escape on the back of one when fleeing Gringotts.
These can only be seen by people who have seen someone die. The D.A. rides these to the Ministry of Magic in the sixth book.
Dumbledore has a pet one. These creatures, when they die, burst into flame and then are reborn from the ashes. There tears have healing powers.
One of these is in the castle in the first book and attacks Hermoine in the girls lavatory. They have an aweful smell about them.
The blood of these creatures is silver. Hagrid takes Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and Malfoy looking for these in dentention in the first book.
Hagrid is half this creature. Madame Maxime and him go looking for theses together.
Harry and Ron follow the spiders leaving Hogwarts in the second book and enter the lair of one of these in the second book.
These suck all light from an area and feed on happy feelings and cause feelings of despair and hopelessness. If they can, they will give you a kiss and suck out your soul.
When Hagrid is the Care of Magical Creatures teacher, the class spends a whole unit taking care of these. They have a bad temper and Harry compares a friendly one to a stupid Hermo
These infest the Burrow's garden and learned swear words from Fred and George.
These clean your home and cook your meals. They can only be set free if given clothes. Many of them work in the kitchens at Hogwarts.
These are half horse, half eagle creatures. In order to ride one, you have to bow to it and it has to bow back. Only then can you mount.
These live in the lake on the Hogwarts grounds. They cannot speak above the ground, but have lovely voices beneath the water.
Humans who have been infected change into these at the full moon. There is a potion that they can take that alllows them to control themselves when they make the change.
These are half human, half horse creatures. They live in the Forbidden Forest. They took Umbridge captive once.

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