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Forced Order
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I have blue flames for hair
I am a small red dragon, not a lizard cause I don't do that tongue thing!
I am a grumpy dwarf
I am an alien mistaken for a dog
I am a cowboy doll that loves Bopeep
I am a fox that lives on a farm
I am a gloomy donkey that lives in a stick hut
Grey dog used to life without people and avoiding the pound
Little bear that loses his mother but finds a new friend who is really a human turned into a bear.
Mermaid that longs to be human with legs
Female lion that becomes queen of the pride, friends with Simba when they are young
Chubby dalmation puppy that almost died in the beginning
Golden retreiver that plays many sports
Half dog half wolf, he doesn't fit in, but can save the day
Female dalmation that is mother to many, many puppies
Elephant teased for his large ears
Orange kitten who's bow is always the messiest and paints
English man Pocahontas falls in love with
Funny bear that Mowgli is friends with
Aladin's monkey that wears a small purple vest
Girl that loves the beast
Blue fish with short term memory loss
Fairy that is jealous of Wendy
Elephant that is friends with Tarzan
Doe that Bambi falls in love with
Warthog that eats bugs and is best friends with Timmone
Bouncing tiger that drives Rabbit crazy
Girl with the umbrella that falls in love with Tarzan
Girl that falls in love with Hercules against her soul deal with Hades
Girl that falls under a sleeping spell that can only be countered by love's kiss
Musical chimney sweep
Orange kitten that enters a world of dogs when he joins a high class family
Dinosaur raised by a family of lemurs
Big blue fuzzy monster who is the top scarer for his company
Oldest Swiss Family Robinson son with curly blonde hair
Small green one eyed monster who helps Sulley with his job and lives with him

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