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Can you name the Origins/Insertions/Actions of various muscles?

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MuscleOrigin/Insertion/ActionArea of Body
Iliopsoas Origin (2)Thigh
Iliopsoas InsertionThigh
Iliopsoas Action Thigh
Gluteus maximus Origin Thigh
Gluteus maximus InsertionThigh
Gluteus maximus Actions (2)Thigh
Gluteus medius OriginThigh
Gluteus medius InsertionThigh
Gluteus medius ActionThigh
Adductor group OriginThigh
Adductor group InsertionThigh
Adductor group Actions (2)Thigh
Quadriceps femoris group Origin (2)Thigh
Quadriceps femoris group InsertionThigh
Quadriceps femoris group Actions (2)Thigh
Hamstring group Origin Thigh
Hamstring group Insertions (2)Thigh
Hamstring group Actions (2)Thigh
Sartorius OriginThigh
Sartorius InsertionThigh
Sartorius Actions (2)Thigh
Peroneus longus Actions (2)Foot and toes
Extensor digitorum ActionFoot and toes
Tibialis anterior Actions (2)Foot and toes
Flexor digitorum ActionFoot and toes
Gastrocnemius InsertionFoot and toes
MuscleOrigin/Insertion/ActionArea of Body
Gastrocnemius ActionFoot and toes
Pectoralis minor OriginPectoral girdle
Pectoralis minor InsertionPectoral girdle
Pectoralis minor Actions (2)Pectoral girdle
Trapezius Actions (4)Pectoral girdle
Rhomboideus major and minor Actions (2)Pectoral girdle
Deltoid Origin (2)Arm
Deltoid InsertionArm
Deltoid Actions (3)Arm
Pectoralis major Origin (2)Arm
Pectoralis major InsertionArm
Pectoralis major Actions (2)Arm
Teres minor ActionArm
Teres major Actions (2)Arm
Latissimus dorsi OriginArm
Latissimus dorsi InsertionArm
Latissimus dorsi Actions (3)Arm
Biceps brachii Origin Forearm
Biceps brachii InsertionForearm
Biceps brachii Actions (2)Forearm
Triceps brachii Origin (2)Forearm
Triceps brachii Insertion Forearm
Triceps brachii ActionForearm
Brachioradialis Origin Forearm
Brachioradialis InsertionForearm
Brachioradialis ActionForearm
MuscleOrigin/Insertion/ActionArea of Body
Supinator OriginForearm
Supinator InsertionForearm
Supinator ActionForearm
Pronator teres OriginForearm
Pronator teres InsertionForearm
Pronator teres ActionForearm
Palmaris longus OriginForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Palmaris longus InsertionForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Palmaris longus ActionForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Flexor carpi radialis OriginForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Flexor carpi radialis Actions (2)Forearm/Wrist/Fingers
Flexor carpi ulnaris OriginForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Flexor carpi ulnaris Actions (2)Forearm/Wrist/Fingers
Flexor digitorum superficialis OriginForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Flexor digitorum superficialis ActionForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Flexor digitorum profundus ActionForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Flexor pollicis longus ActionForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Extensor digitorum OriginForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Extensor digitorum ActionForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis OriginForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis Actions (2)Forearm/Wrist/Fingers
Extensor carpi ulnaris OriginForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Extensor carpi ulnaris Actions (2)Forearm/Wrist/Fingers
Extensor pollicis brevis ActionForearm/Wrist/Fingers
Abductor pollicis longus ActionForearm/Wrist/Fingers

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