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Sternocleidomastoid ActionHead and Neck
Sternocleidomastoid InsertionHead and Neck
Splenius capitis ActionHead and Neck
TrapeziusHead and Neck
Occipitofrontalis ActionHead and Neck
Orbicularis oculi ActionHead and Neck
Zygomaticus major ActionHead and Neck
Buccinator ActionHead and Neck
Orbicularis oris ActionHead and Neck
Temporalis InsertionHead and Neck
Temporalis Actions (2)Head and Neck
Masseter OriginHead and Neck
Masseter Actions (2)Head and Neck
Erector spinae group ActionBack
External oblique Actions (3)Abdomen
Internal oblique Actions (3)Abdomen
Transversus abdominis ActionAbdomen
Rectus abdominis Actions (2)Abdomen
Phrenic Innervation Nerves; Cervical plexus
Axillary InnervationNerves; Brachial plexus
Musculocutaneous InnervationNerves; Brachial plexus
Radial InnervationNerves; Brachial plexus
Median InnervationNerves; Brachial plexus
Ulnar InnervationNerves; Brachial plexus
Femoral InnervationNerves; Lumbar plexus
Tibial InnervationNerves; Sacral plexus
Common peroneal InnervationNerves; Sacral plexus

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