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Only driver to win in six-wheeled car
Finished the race after a flip in the finish straight
Driver whose fatal accident ended Mille Miglia
Driver sent to jail in the middle of the season, subsequently replaced by Michael Schumacher
Brazilian who had 'Jesus Saves' text in helmet
Only posthumous world champion
According to Murray Walker, undoubtedly the best driver that Grand Prix racing has ever produced
Led first ever German 1-2 in World Championship event
First driver to use HANS in a race
Held multiple youth records for decades
Last driver to have open-face helmet
Won Monaco GP twice but no other Grand Prix's
He won the championship by half a point
Only driver to win his first Grand Prix, apart from the one who wan inaugular race
Gave Ferrari its first ever victory, known as The Pampas Bull
Last Italian who has won the race for Ferrari
Youngest F1 driver to have died
Only winner of Jim Clark Cup
Only second generation Formula One champion
Italian who scored three pole positions but never led a lap
Driver who led a lap in Minardi
Driver who had his superlicense revoked after four races
First driver who was used as mid-weekend replacement
Died during support race of F1 Grand Prix while planning to drive F1 as well
Female driver who got half a point
Only non-McLaren winner in the season they dominated
Gave up the car to give his team-mate better chance to championship, despite having chances on his own
His car caught fire, indirectly leading to deaths of Tom Pryce and marshal
Driver who has scored most points during the season while team-mate got no points
Driver who was sacked during the season he won Monaco GP
Only driver who has been killed in his home race during World Championship event
To date, only F1 driver from Czech Republic
Driver who has led least laps of Grand Prix winners
Driver with 10 years between two starts
Lewis Hamilton overtook him to clinch championship
Driver who was disqualified for being too slow
Was last surviving driver from inaugular World Championship Grand Prix
Dutch nobleman who drove without shoes
Driver who had fight with Nelson Piquet
Won Indianapolis 500 twice when it was World Championship Event
Driver whose career ended with eye injury after stone pierced his visor
Driver who died of heart attack during touring car race
Last nobleman who has raced in F1
Nicknamed Jack O'Malley
First driver to have fatal accident during World Championship event
Started last in his only Grand Prix and led the race after two laps
Nicknamed HWNSNBM
First driver to win title with turbocharged car
Gave Williams team its first win
Apart from Alberto Ascari, another driver who has driven to the sea in Monaco
Only driver who has won the championship in his own team
Driver with most races between two victories
This double champion gained maximum points in those two years
Driver whose spin caused biggest pile-up in F1
First driver to win world championship with only one win during the season
He took only win of the Stewart team
Youngest ever driver to have started Grand Prix
Finished 3rd in a race with six starters
Driver who got medal for trying to save Roger Williamson
Won the championship when title was decided with F2 rules

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