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When was the first Monaco Grand Prix held? (this is earlier than World Championship began)
Who crashed into the harbour in 1955?
Who won Monaco GP twice and didn't win any other World Championship event?
Who was killed during 1967 event?
Who won the race five times in the 1960s?
Who won the 1970 race after Jack Brabham crashed on the final lap?
When was the swimming pool section added to the circuit?
Who flew over several other drivers in 1980 start crash?
Which was the first Monaco GP won by turbocharged car?
Who won his first Grand Prix at Monaco in 1982?
How many years in succession the winner was Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna?
Who took his first pole position in 1994 event?
Which team won the race in 1996?
Who drove 1997 race without a pit stop, finishing 5th?
Who rolled his car during the 2004 race?
Which team got its first podium in 2006?
Who crashed in 2010 after hitting loose drain cover?
What day is first practice session held?
Who has presented trophy for the winner since 2006?
What is the name of the first corner?

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