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Can you name the F1 German GP?

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What was the first year the race was World Championship event?
What is the name of Nürburgring long track?
How many kilometres was the length?
In what year did Juan Manuel Fangio had his legendary drive?
Where was the race held in 1959?
What was Jackie Stewart's winning margin in 1968?
What circuit held the race in 1970?
In what corner of Nürburgring cars usually flew in the air for some time?
Who ended his career instantly after Niki Lauda's accident in 1976
Who started the 1977 race illegally?
Which two drivers had a fight in 1982?
In what year did Nürburgring GP course held the race for the first time?
Who won that race?
Who lost a victory with a puncture in penultimate lap during 1993 race?
How many cars were eliminated on the first lap of 1994 race?
In which year ex-Mercedes employee invaded the track?
What was the first year as the race was held in shortened Hockenheim circuit?
What was the last year as German GP was not held?
Who achieved his first podium in 2008?
'Can you confirm you understand that message' What was the message given to Felipe Massa?

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