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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about F1 Chinese GP?

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What track was supposed to hold Chinese GP in late 1990s?
What year did the race become World Championship event?
Where is the race held?
Who designed the circuit?
What was the area of the circuit before track was built?
Who won the first Grand Prix there?
Who lost a wheel during that Grand Prix?
Michael Schumacher collided on the installation lap in 2005, with whom?
Who drove over drain cover in 2005?
Who had massive crash in that race?
Which three teams raced their final race in China in 2005?
Michael Schumacher won in 2006 after qualifying where?
Who slid off the road in the pit entry in 2007?
Who won that race?
What engine manufacturer got top three positions in 2010?
Which team took its first win in 2009?
Which year the start was made behind the safety car?
Who jumped the start in 2010 race?
Between 2004 and 2010, who has won most races without winning Chinese GP?
How many races have been affected by rain?

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