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In what year was the race World Championship event for the first time?
On what circuit?
Which circuit hosted the race twice?
Which year was the safety car first used in F1?
Which year did the event move to its current location?
Who won the first race there?
On what island is the circuit located?
What was the first Canadian GP held in June?
Who was killed at the start of 1982 race?
Since the race was moved to current location, on which two years the race has not been held?
On which year was the startline moved to its current location?
Who took his only victory in 1995 race?
Which team took second and third place at that race?
Who broke his legs in an accident during 1997 race?
In which year the term 'Wall of Champions' was born?
How many times has Michael Schumacher won the race?
Which two teams were disqualified in 2004 race?
Who did Lewis Hamilton hit in the pit lane during 2008 race?
Who took his first victory in that race?
How many laps is the traditional race distance?

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