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Can you name the tracks from almost every 2010 LapFox album?

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V.A. - MAG Trax
Aurastys - Four Beasts
Renard - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Furries in a Blender - The Violet Kingdom
The Queenstons - The Revenge of Doctor Q
Aurastys - The Gray
Renard - Trauma
Kitcaliber - This Broken City
Klippa - How Dare You
Kitsune^2 - Star Road
V.A. - On Trax Vol. 1
D-Mode-D - For Crossdressing
Jackal Queenston - Fire Planet EP
Mayhem - Torpedo Torpedo
Renard - This Place Will Grow EP
Aurastys - Rising Ruins
Renard - Because Maybe!
Jackal Queenston - The Killer's Notebook
Klippa - I Knew A Little Bookworm
Mayhem - It's Murder
PSURG Sound Team - 2011 Project Side A
Renard - Intensive Care Unit EP
D-Mode-D - Just Love
NegaRen - Jack

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