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Can you name the Smash Bros Stages using only 3 words for each?

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Forced Order
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Classic, Team, Smash
Destruction, Haunted, House
Acid, Break, Separate
Hide, Mom, Dark
Pot, Stick, Crab
Clouds, Hints, JV100
Water, Shine, Dolphin
Devil, Tracks, Yellow
Bigger, Fighting, Area
Different, Poison, Fox
Sidestep, POW, Creep
Theif, Transform, Spout
Yin, Yang, Castle
Fire, Steel, Dragon
UFO, Buildings, Night
Hydrant, Fairy, Scroll
Cannon, Sunset, Platforms
Rap, Cannon, Waterfall
Large, Pink, Limo
Up, Waterfall, Spikes
Last, Location, Smash
Pink, Flying, Tomato
Statue, Platforms, Moving
Create, Change, Clash
Cannons, Beached, Tornado
Combination, Thin, 24
Eiffel, Battle, Gym
Curve, Space, Gateway
Pipe, Hill, Spin
Cars, Drugs, Tree
Shark, Kappa, Fruit
Pipe, POW, Piranha
Tornado, Roof, Polygons
Missiles, Shields, Chaos
Cage, Color, Boss
Layers, Cannons, Statues
Space, Time, Moon
Ship, Flying, Sky
Vert, Verde, Bombs
Fighting, Ki, Structure
Fox, 26, Great
Tingle, Moon, Water
Bazaar, Waterfall, Island
Seasons, Ghost, Shy
Spring, Score, Retro
Coins, Gold, P
Fast, Large, Race
Planes, Island, Bridge
Wind, Woods, Polygons
Fly, Float, Catch
Grass, Hill, Mecha
R.O.B., Race, Travel
Up, Down, Spin
Moon, Rings, Mushroom
Giant, Holy, Moving
Silence, Leaves, Bouncing
Escalator, Heal, Pac
Fire, Ice, Bridge
Windmill, Shack, Rocks
Blue, Power, Ghost
Bumper, Triangle, Moving
Legal, Tale, Randall
Stadium, Platforms, Rise
Thin, Fire, Chef
Fast, Tracks, Alfonzo
Falling, Angelic, Time
Danger, Cannons, Minecart
Blocks, Dogs, TV
Wrap-Around, Lightning, Spinners
Capsule, Lava, Wall
Acid, Rising, Planet
Large, Holy, Adventure
Ice, Fish, Vegetables
Summon, Steampunk, Storm
Turn, Spin, Kraid
Cannon, Arm, Liftoff
Attack, Tilt, Transition
Lights, Ropes, Screen
Bush, Tree, Bird
Water, Changing, Nightmares
Fountain, Beach, Boat
Clones, Zeroes, Lasers
Fast, Race, Retro
Bomb, Twilight, Break
Water, Fast, Klaptrap
Track, Ramp, Race
Restart, Explode, Nature
Lasers, Arwings, Sky
Tilt, Space, Assault
Retro, Blocks, ?
MIrror, Board, Yoga
Rooms, Apartment, Living
X, O, Wa!
Hazardous, Race, SIlent
Soft, Mobile, Squishy
Grass, Hill, Collapse
!, Spotlight, Codec
Break, Solid, Clouds
Desert, Blocks, Underground
Birdo, Logs, Carpet
Post, Drawing, Comment
Tiny, Onion, Flower
Retro, Handheld, Ding!
Red, Urban, Rooftops
Thin, LED, Dimension
Wind, Ice, Electric
Spring, Wheel, Grass.
Rural, Urban, Bus
Legal, Competitive, Overuse
Imagine, Create, Play
Gravity, Race, Travel
Bullet, Switch, Roof
Rise, Ice, Climb
Scroll, Dimensions, ?
Spikes, Whale, Extention
Barrels, Bombs, Ladders
Fan, Ship, Castle

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