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'You gotta play by the rules, play it cool...'
'Baby, don’t worry coz you ain’t alone...'
'If I keep on running away from my own fate...'
'Like I told you before, double up and take more cheddar...'
'Turning misery into meaningfulness, changing day after day...'
'And the wind, it feels a little colder now...'
'For changing by me...'
'It has only just begun...'
'I can't shake the habit - I just can't break out...'
'Tell me why you did it, every dream falling apart...'
'Everyday's great at your Junes!'
'I will embrace the feeling!'
'Cracks wide open, you can search the world far and wide...'
'Embrace a heartbeat and step to it step to it...'
' Just like music sounds connect to rambles...'
'Those long days passing by from that door...'
'Dance and shake, yo let's swing...'
'Be creative, Chart your course...'
'Deep down inside you there lies love in your heart...'
'I'll lift my face and run to the sunlight...'
'Moment of truth, There ain't no truce...'
'Bro, you’ve got everything but you dunno anything… '
'Never more...'
'Hands untied from unseen chains, you're free...'
'Waiting for my downfall my death my grave...'
'Told her crossing the border, next corner posing for reporters...'
'Can you set me free from this dark inner world?'

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