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QUIZ: Can you name the small things featured in Homestuck?

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What was Sweet Bro warned about?
Who is Lord English? (Hussie, Nepeta or unknown)
Who is John's ecto-sister?
Who is Dave's ecto-sister?
Who is John's half-brother?
What is Jack's title after he rose up to power?
What is Feferi's lusus' name?
HONK (and then comes...)
What is the name of the planet of the Trolls?
Who is John's patron troll?
Who is Rose's patron troll?
Who is Dave's patron troll?
Who is Jade's patron troll?
Which troll trolls backwards?
Who is J?
Who is Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff's friend?
Who creates SBaHJ?
Who is Karkat's ancestor?
Who is Terezi's ancestor? (full name)
Who is Vriska's ancestor? (full name and middle name)
Who is Gamzee's ancestor (The Grand...)
Planet ****
Rose has gone
Kanaya is now a
Who killed Tavros?
Who killed Nepeta and Equius?
Who killed Kanaya and Feferi?
Where is Aradia now?
Equius is (answer is in capitals)
Who is Nepeta's lusus (full name)
How many players were in the SGRUB session?
Who is Doc Scratch's first guest?

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