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Financial Figures for Apple

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Finance (2013)Figure ($)
Total Revenue (TR)
Gross Profit (GP)
Total Expenses (TE)
Net Profit (NP)
Efficiency (TE/TR)
ART (Accounts Receivable/TR) (days)
Current Assets (CA)
Non-Current Assets (NCA)
Total Assets (TA)
Current Liabilities (CL)
Non-Current Liabilities (NCL)
Total Liabilities (TL)
Owners Equity (OE)
Total Liabilities + Owners Equity (TL +OE)
Return on Owners Equity (NP/OE)
Finance (2013)Figure ($)
Liquidity - Working Capital
Liquidity - Stored Cash
Liquidity - Current Ratio (CA/CL)
Solvency - Gearing (TL/OE)
Cash Flow - Opening
Cash Flow - Operating Activities (+)
Cash Flow - Investing Activities (-)
Cash Flow - Financing Activities (-)
Cash Flow - Closing
Share Price (2011)
Share Price (2012)
Share Price (2013)
Overseas Cash
Market Growth: America (2011-12)
Market Growth: Europe (2011-12)
Market Growth: China (2011-12)
Market Growth: Japan (2011-12)

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