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Who was the female manager of the Hardy BoysShe also dated Matt Hardy
Which show was made first; Smackdown or Raw
Who is the Undertakers half-brother
Who was the manager of Kane and Undertaker at respective points
Who along with Brock Lesnar broke the WWE ring
Who is Christians brother/best-friend?They used to be called brothers but now they are only seen as best friends.
What is Kevin Nash one of the original members of?
Name the other main member of D-X other than Triple H
Who is Triple H married too?
Who has Triple H and Eddie Guerrero both dated
Who is the famous cowboy announcer along with the King Jerry Lawler
Who was the oldest member of the once formed Evolution
Who is Vince McMahon's wife?
Think of another wrestling name Big Daddy V has fought under
Who is the WWE superhero
What is the name of the other Holly; Bob, Molly and..
Which of the Radicals was managed by Terri?
Whos father did dawn marie date?They also got 'married' and the father 'died'.
Who came down to the ring to 'You Suck!' by the audience in his theme tune!
What was the name of the one legged superstar who teamed with Stephanie to take on the BigShow?
Who was the Leader of Legacy
Whos dad is Dusty Rhodes; 2 possible anwers including Cody Rhodes..
Who was the member of Too Cool with pointy blonde hair
Question AnswerClue
Who was the member of Too Cool with the goggles
Who at one point was allianced with Too Cool
If you Smell what ___ ____ is cooking!
Who did the kiss my *ss club belong too?
Who has the special move 619
Which American Hero wore at one point red and yellow and also at one point white and black
Who is Vince McMahons Son?
Whos wife is Sharmell?
What did RVD stand for?
Tommy Dreamer is originally of which Brand?
Who teamed up with Shelton Benjamin in the self-proclaimed Worlds Greatest Tag-Team
Who has teamed up with Miss Jackie and Charlie Haas?
What group was Natalya a part of?
Who is the Texas Rattlesnake?
Who is the 123 Kid also known as
Which Female managed the RTC
Who was the younger brother of D-von and Bubba Ray Dudley who helped them in a famous TLC match?Also involved in the TLC match were Matt and Jeff Hardy (with Lita) and Edge and Christian (with Rhino)
Who is Hornswoggles father?
Where is Sheamus from?
Where is William Regal from?
Whos special move is the pedigree
Who is the brother to Brett 'The Hitman' Hart who died during a wwf stunt?He fell off a zipwire leading to the ring (R.I.P)

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