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Can you name the answers to these more/less than half questions?

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Some of the questions in this quiz needed a source, and I've used many different of them. See first comment for more info.
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Countries that...(M)ore or (L)ess than half?Number of countries
Contain an A?
Contain an O?
Have a population of more than 10 million?
Contain an S?
Contain a P, Q, L, F and/or W?
End in A?
Contain 7 or less letters?
Have blue in their flag?
Have an area bigger than Ohio?
Contain an R?
Lie entirely or partly in the southern hemisphere?
Countries that...(M)ore or (L)ess than half?Number of countries
Have a HDI of 0,6 or higher?
Have at least 15 % women in their parliament?
Have exactly three colours in their flag?
Start and/or end with one of the letters S, P, O, R, C, L, E?
Have at least 60 % Christians?
Contain at least two A's?
Have a life expectancy of more than 70 years?
Begin with a consonant and end in a vowel?
Do not repeat any letters OR repeat the first letter?
Have a fertility rate (births per woman) of more than 2,20?
Begin with 'K' and end in 'yrgyzstan'?

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